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Astrological Combinations In Horoscope for Marrying A Rich Spouse

In the age of social media and Instagram, people are becoming more and more influenced by the lifestyles they see on social media. This gives a rise to aspirations to attain wealth and live a very comfortable if not a luxurious life. Not everyone is blessed with a good amount of wealth, born in an affluent family or have a high income. It is good to work hard towards your goals and achieve success over time but even though most people want to become wealthy, they just don't get it. We all have seen a prince marrying an ordinary woman in fairy tales.  In Korean drama, it is very common to see an extremely rich man marrying an ordinary woman or vice versa. Marrying a rich man/woman can be a shortcut for someone to escape poverty and attain the desired level of wealth and financial freedom. During my consultations, several people come up to me with these questions and through this article I want to guide you to find the best approach for your life based on your planetary placemen

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Reality Behind Yearly, Monthly & Daily Predictions

People read about their daily predictions (Rashifal) each day with excitement. Sometimes things match sometimes they don’t. So, the thing we need to know is does it really works or not? The answer is yes & no. First, let’s talk about yearly predictions. We know that Jupiter takes one year to move from one zodiac sign to another. So, a yearly prediction depends upon which house Jupiter is transiting. Suppose, for a Sagittarius ascendant Jupiter transits through Virgo; so, Jupiter signifies 10 th house, and aspects 4 th house (7 th aspect), 2 nd house (5 th aspect) and 6 th house (9 th aspect). This means that events regarding family (2 nd house), property/vehicle (4 th house), job (6 th house) & status (10 th house) may happen during this year. Also, houses 2, 6, 10 & 11 gives financial happiness, so, we may say that people with Sagittarius ascendant may have plenty of money during this year or there will not be any deficiency of money to them in this y

Significations of Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter is a teacher and a minister, it is the biggest and most massive planet in our solar system.   Sun is the giver of life then Jupiter is the one who sustains that life. It protects our Earth from the meteorites and asteroids which comes from space towards the earth due to gravitational pull from the Sun. Due to these qualities it becomes most important after the Sun (King) and Moon (Queen) and hence is assigned position of a Minister or Advisor to the King. Jupiter is also considered the most beneficial planet is astrology due to the fact that it protects earth from leaving its orbit and from other celestial bodies attacking the earth. Therefore, a well placed Jupiter and its aspects upon the Ascendant are highly beneficial. Jupiter gives money, resources, gold, gems and jewellery depending upon how other planets influencing your birth chart. For e.g.: Jupiter signifies houses like 2, 6, 10 or/and 11; which gives money and financial happiness and Saturn aspects Jupite

Rashi Chart or Bhava Chalit Chart for Prediction

In Predictive Hindu Astrology , there is a major role of Bhava Chalit chart. While Rashi chart remains same for almost 2 days, Bhava Chalit chart is changing every minute . It calculates in which cusp a planet and a zodiac sign is actually present. The placement of planets in Rashi Chart & in the Ascendant Chart (Main Birth Chart) is same, it is just that the Ascendant chart is rotated till the Moon comes in the first house and we call it Rashi Chart. I personally recommend that you avoid seeing Rashi Chart as the Ascendant Chart gives the most accurate results. Moon is very important and we do take Moon's placement into account by following the time period system that is just based upon Moon & stars. Now, we have to take the placement of other planets into account. The Ascendant chart indicates which planet was transiting in your 10th house (right above your head) or 7th house (western horizon) or any other house at the time when you were born. The zodiac sign in the

Child Birth: Timing, Suitable Time To Conceive, Twins Birth and Custody of Child via Predictive Astrology

Childbirth is the most important event in anyone's life. It is the flow of life from one generation to the next. Predicting childbirth requires the birth horoscope of both mother and the father and not just of any one of them. So, if you are trying to predict the time of childbirth just by looking at your own horoscope, then it will not work. But you can see when is the best time for you to have children through childbirth astrology. We can predict the time when the child will be conceived & not the time when the child will actually take birth. I have tried those methods of finding out the time of birth and they did not work. Sometimes, there is a difference of months between the calculated time and when the childbirth actually happened. So, instead of finding out the time of birth it would be better that you pay extra attention to the lady expecting a baby. Once conceived, we can find out the things like: Childbirth via normal delivery or cesarean Birth to

Google Domains Users Can Now Easily Setup https to https Redirect

Google domains is a domain name registrar. It is owned and operated by Google and Google rolled this product in 2014. Google domains is still in its beta phase but it is getting very popular because of its simple design. The main target of Google was to attract the small business owners who can easily buy a domain name and setup their own business website using Google sites or have a custom email address - like instead of If you are a Google Apps (Gsuite, now) subscriber then you can setup your own custom email address and website with just one click. This ease of use is what a small business owner, who is not a tech savvy and do not wish to pay for getting these things, needs. This is what you see when you go to the interface ( You see four options in front of each domain name. 1) Website: To setup a website for your domain. This option will show you the websites already connected w

Marriage: Time of Marriage, Married Life and Nature of Future Life Partner

Marriage happens when two people of opposite gender agree to live with each other with the consent of society. Telling this statement is necessary in order for you to understand how to see if marriage is promised by a planet and then to figure out the time of marriage. Marriage is not when two people agree to get into a live-in relationship or mate when they are deeply in love with each other. Mostly when astrologers who fail to predict your marriage timings may tell you this statement that, “You might have been in a live-in relationship with someone or marriage also counts when you have had sex”. This is not true.

Nature of a Person : Aggressive, Cold, Depressive or Cordial

Nature of a person depends upon various factors which can be home environment, neighborhood, culture and friends circle of that person. These various factors may shape behavior, way of talking and gestures of a person. In this article you are going to learn how to check basic nature of a person. A person can be of friendly, spiritual, aggressive, depressive, cold or harsh by nature. Such things can be seen through his/her birth chart. Nature of person is mainly dependent upon the houses signified by most of the planets and secondly upon the planets affecting the ascendant or ascendant lord. If you don’t know ascendant or what is the importance of it. Read about significations of Planets in Astrology . Houses 2,5,7,9,11 signifies friendly, loving and caring nature. Let’s understand this in detail. Significations of Houses House Two signifies family, possessions, home environment, and caring nature. This house is most important for having good and warm relations wi

Find Out If The Person You Love Is Good Enough For Marriage & Relationship

If you are getting married and having difficulty in knowing which partner is correct in you then you find his/her real personality through the birth chart. You can check the nature of any person to see how good that person is for marriage, relationship or business partnership & this article is simple enough that anyone can understand. To see Nature of a Person , we need to see which houses are signified by most of the planets. House signified by planets is covered deeply in Astrology Basic Concepts . For now, just understand that planets signify houses where they are placed in Bhava Chalit Chart . See which houses are signified more in the birth chart. Houses two five seven nine eleven signifies loving and caring nature and Houses one four six eight ten twelve signifies cold and selfish nature. Houses which Improves Relationship House two signifies family, possessions, home environment, and caring nature. This house is most important for having good and warm relations w

XSS & Its Types

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Cross Site Scripting (XSS) enables attackers to inject malicious script into web pages by targeting vulnerability in security of web applications. There are two types of Cross Site Scripting: Stored (Persistent) XSS : Malicious script is injected by the attacker at the trusted site’s server. It could be present in the database, message forum or comment field. Every time users requests for this information they also retrieves the malicious script. This type of attack does not require targeting victims individually and continue to attack victims when they request data associated with malicious script , hence, called persistent XSS. Reflected (Non - Persistent) XSS : Victims are targeted individually and no script is injected at the trusted site’s server. This attack is delivered to victims through email or from some other website. The bait could be a URL pointing towards a trusted site, clicking which will execute the malicious script. The

Significations of Sun in Astrology

Sun is a luminary; it is the only source of energy and light to our planet. Without the Sun there cannot be life. Our day starts when sun rises, Sun is our consciousness, feeling of self. self confidence & self esteem. Sun is the soul of every being and hence it is a significator of life. Sun is the heaviest celestial body in the solar system and it has energy due to which planets stays in their respective orbits and radiates light. Sun represents government and the most powerful person of the country i.e. The President (or Prime Minister). Sun represents the main man in any group; a leader, hero, chief or head all are represented by the sun. Sun signifies light, fire, engine, motor pump, boiler, gas stove; anything which drives the whole system or machinery. In body parts, sun signifies Heart – Supplies energy through the blood  Head – Controls and maintains the working of whole body  Eyes – Light enters in our eyes and gives us ability to see  Gall bladder – Contains acids;

Map Reduce - Definition, Principe Features & Uses

Definition :  A programming model and an associated implementation for processing and generating big data sets with a parallel, distributed algorithms on a cluster. Map Reduce has two main operations: Map & Reduce Map : Splitting the query into different parts and map them to systems containing relevant data. Reduce : Output from the map phase is shuffled and group by key & value pairs & then each worker node produces a collection of value in parallel, which is combined later to give the final output. Principle features of Map Reduce Scheduling : Map Reduce involves two operations which are Map & Reduce which are executed by dividing large problems into smaller chunks which run into parallel by different computing resources. Synchronization  : The framework tracks all the tasks along with their timings & start reduction process after the computation of mapping. Co-location of Code/Data (Data Locality) : Effectiveness of Data Processing depends upon th

SQL Injection & Web Methodologies Development & Evolution

     This article is about how different groups of scientists and researchers discovered methods and techniques to analyze web and prevent web from the sql injection attacks. Different tools and tactics used by them are also mentioned in this article. ·          Salas use WSInject as a tool to analyse web services. A general purpose fault injection tool that unlike other security testing tools can make various scenarios of different types of attacks. Thus they were able to compare it with results of a vulnerability scanner soapUI. They also concluded that soapUI was less efficient as compared to WSInject. XSS attack was performed with WSInject tool and then they created different attack scenarios and emulated attacks with this tool. The analysis was documented and verified using WSInject technology . A number of vulnerabilities were reduced by the security and made it possible to build a number of variations to new type of XSS attacks . ·          Fabien et. al. pres

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