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Astrological Combinations In Horoscope for Marrying A Rich Spouse

In the age of social media and Instagram, people are becoming more and more influenced by the lifestyles they see on social media. This gives a rise to aspirations to attain wealth and live a very comfortable if not a luxurious life. Not everyone is blessed with a good amount of wealth, born in an affluent family or have a high income. It is good to work hard towards your goals and achieve success over time but even though most people want to become wealthy, they just don't get it. We all have seen a prince marrying an ordinary woman in fairy tales.  In Korean drama, it is very common to see an extremely rich man marrying an ordinary woman or vice versa. Marrying a rich man/woman can be a shortcut for someone to escape poverty and attain the desired level of wealth and financial freedom. During my consultations, several people come up to me with these questions and through this article I want to guide you to find the best approach for your life based on your planetary placemen

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The Most Accurate Method To Match Horoscopes For Marriage & Love Compatibility

Marriage & Love Compatibility is a method in astrology which is used to analyze if two people are compatible with each other & would be able to sustain their love for each other throughout the life. There are different methods in astrology to see how will be the married life & love life of a person. This is because being married is different from being in love. But this method checks compatibility of two people and is applicable to both married & love life. Matching Moon Signs, Manglik or Non-Manglik, planetary placements w.r.t. Moon or Venus or Mars does not give correct results. To accurately match the horoscopes of two people placement of all the nine planets should be carefully observed & sometimes Uranus, Neptune & Pluto also count and then the results obtained are correct. All these placements are seen from the Ascendant (Lagna) only and the lord of the Ascendant & planets in the Ascendant always have a major say. Marriage & Love Compat

7 Questions About Your Career Answered

Career astrology is about predicting what would be the status of a person in the world. It indicates how much a person can rise in his life irrespective of how much that person is educated. We always see examples where a person who is not much qualified makes millions. Those are the people having a horoscope which does not support education but making money. Due to which these people become smart enough to make huge sums of money without having a very strong educational background. Career astrology is different from predicting & timing events of life. Either an event will happen in life or not but that’s not the case with the career. If planets support the person will attain heights, if they don’t then the person will live an average life and if they are against then a person leads a miserable life. While doing career astrology it’s important to know what is the role of each & every house and relative importance of every house regarding career.

Truth about Astrology & Astrologers Revealed

Astrology is a divine science. It is used to analyse a person’s life and predictions are made about the possible events that can occur in that person’s life. We see exact position of planets at the moment a person is born, degree of ascendant & cast the horoscope. Through this chart reading about the future and possible events is done. We all know this. But the question is, "Is it Accurate? Does the Astrology & Horoscopes really work?" You watch everyday in TV channels & YouTube. People teach you astrology & give tutorials. They justify why an event has occurred in someone's life & also justify mundane events. Newspapers & radio gives daily predictions. People do believe that while nothing happens for real. Well it’s just their habit to do same thing each day & never ask themselves why they are doing it. Now, I will tell you what’s the reality & truth about all these predictions & do famous astrologers even know how to pr

Travel Abroad - Timing and Reason Behind Going To Abroad via Predictive Astrology

People travel abroad to explore new places, get new experiences & know about people who belong to different cultural backgrounds. This widens their understanding about the people, how they think & see life and how they live their life. To some people travelling gives them peace of mind and to some it is a source of new thoughts & ideas which can be used later to do some creativity. People also travel abroad due to business reasons, getting a job or get education from a reputed college or university. While it’s not much difficult to know the reason behind the travel but we should know whether the travel will happen or not. Suppose you want to go to study abroad but the stars are not in your support to travel abroad while they support that you will get education from a reputed college, then you will study in your own country. Simple, Right? Well in this article we are going to discuss how to see travelling abroad in birth chart, also I will help you in know what cou

Why Anand Kumar of Super 30 is not Rich in spite of being so Intelligent? – Astrological Analysis

Anand Kumar was born in Patna, Bihar on 1st January 1973. He is an Indian mathematician & a columnist for various national & international journals & magazines. He is best known for his “Super 30 Programme” in which he coaches economically backward students for IIT-Joint Entrance Exam. By 2017, 396 out of the 450 had made it to IITs. He was born in a very poor family and he did his schooling from a government school. He developed a deep interest in Mathematics & submitted papers on Number Theory, which were published in Mathematical Spectrum & the Mathematical Gazette. He secured his admission in Cambridge University but could not attend it because of his financial conditions. After then, a series of events occurred in his life due to which he decided to teach the economically backward student and help them make it to IITs. It was then he Started Super 30 , where he teaches economically backward but highly competent students. A number of students appear fo

Property Purchase : Time of Buying, Source of Money and Locality

Buying a house is everyone’s dream. Everybody wonders about buying and living in a dream house they always wanted. People invest all of their life savings in buying a property but the question is, are they buying it at the right time? When a person would be able to buy a house & that too at an affordable price? If the house is bought then will he be able to pay off the loans & debts? When they will get the possession of the house they bought? All these questions trouble our mind a lot before buying a property. But, such questions can be easily answered astrologically when you get a consultation from an astrologer who can accurately predict the time when you will be able to buy a house. Kindly, visit the Consultation page if you want an answer regarding any such query. Let’s understand what the meaning of property purchase is. Property Purchase: Gaining a property when you spend money. Dasha (main period), bhukti (sub period) or antra (sub sub period) lord should

Vehicle Purchase : When a Person will Buy a Vehicle & Class of Vehicle via Predictive Astrology

Vehicle means comfort & luxury. For many people it is a symbol of status & reflects their personality. People buy a vehicle to spend good time with their family & friends while travelling. Vehicle provides comfort while travelling to places where it is difficult to go through public transport. But when a person will buy a vehicle? Can we predict the time or suggest when a person should buy a vehicle? Yes. Such questions can be easily answered via Predictive Astrology when you get a consultation from an astrologer who can accurately predict the time when you will be able to buy a vehicle. Kindly, visit the Consultation page if you want an answer regarding any such query. A Planet Signifies Vehicle Purchase When It Signifies Houses 4, 11 & 12 House 4: Vehicle House 11: Fulfilment of Desire / Gain House 12: Expenditure Meaning: Gain (11) of vehicle (4) when you spend money (12) Dasha (main period), bhukti (sub period) or antra (sub sub period) lor

Significations of Moon in Astrology

Moon is mother & Queen; it is a luminary which reflects light coming from then Sun. Moon nourishes plants through its light at night & affects the tidal waves in ocean. Sun is the creator of life then Moon is the protector of that life. Moon is called mother because a mother protects child from the outside environment & nourishes the child & Moon protects us from meteorites coming from space. We have seen craters on Moon’s surface. Moon is our mind; Moon is the fastest moving planet (considered a planet & not a satellite in Astrology ) & it is continuously changing its zodiac sign & phases. Just like our mind which is continuously wavering from here to there & filled with unlimited thoughts. Sometimes our thoughts may take away our peace of Mind. If you have any such issue read here how to get peace of Mind . Moon is of watery nature, female & Guna is Sattva (Godly Nature). Though Moon is considered a benefic planet but actual

Significations of Venus in Astrology

Venus is the morning star, it appears as the most brilliant planet when seen from Earth. It represents beauty, youth & grace. Venus is called as the Teacher (& Leader) of Demons who is capable enough of leading Demons to the heaven & help them defeat all the deities. Mythology describes Venus as the one who studied with Jupiter under Sage Angiras (Father of Jupiter) & competing with him to become the Teacher of Gods, but Sage Angiras got worried about Jupiter & tricked Venus so that his son could win. Later, demons accepted Venus as their teacher. Venus has a Rajasic nature meaning it gives a person ability to lead & leave a strong impression about the self. In Ayurveda , we have three types of nature: Satvik, Rajasic & Tamasic. Satvik nature gives a kind & pleasing nature. Rajasic nature makes a person leader & gives ability to fight. Tamasic nature makes a person dissatisfied & harsh. Venus being source of knowledge & strengt

Saturn Transit in Sagittarius 2017 – 2020 for Every Ascendant - 2

Saturn is the lord of Justice and second most massive planet in our solar system. Saturn gives result according to one's actions and deeds and hence, capable of giving greatest boons, and, deadly punishments. Saturn  takes two and a half year to move from one sign to another & therefore it has a significant role in making yearly predictions along with  Jupiter . This is the second part of Saturn Transit in Sagittarius 2017 – 2020. If you have not read the first part, kindly go back and read the first part where I have mentioned all the instructions regarding how to understand what results Saturn will give in this transit to every person & why two persons get different results when the Ascendant is same. Saturn Transit in Sagittarius 2017 – 2020 for Every Ascendant – 1. In the previous article, I revealed what possible results Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer & Leo Ascendants people will get with this transit. Now, let’s cover the rest. Effect of Saturn

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