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Why Stellar Astrology is the Most Accurate System of Prediction?

Stellar Astrology (Nadi Astrology) is a predictive system of astrology which gives importance to houses, constellation & sub lord signified by a planet depending upon its degree in the astrological chart. In this system, a planet gives results not on the basis of its natural significations or the houses it owns but on the combination of houses signified by the planet, its constellation lord & the sub lord. A single house is not capable of giving any result & it is very difficult to assess results of a planet without looking at its constellation lord & sub lord. For eg: Second house signifies a number of things but we cannot pinpoint anything unless we see the other houses that the planet is signified through itself, star lord or sub lord. If the planet is also signifying the eleventh house, then either it can mean "Gain/Addition of a member in the family" or "Gain of money & assets" - those who follow astrology knows the second house

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Truth about Astrology & Astrologers Revealed

While you are going through trouble & try to get some guidance and real help, these guys just waste you mobile data with their useless videos. Astrologers suggest remedies which is not just costly but difficult to do. What happens then? You feel more troubled & the main cause of problem is still there.

Astrology is a divine science. It is used to analyse a person’s life and predictions are made about the possible events that can occur in that person’s life. We see exact position of planets at the moment a person is born, degree of ascendant & cast the horoscope. Through this chart reading about the future and possible events is done.

We all know this. But the question is, "Is it Accurate? Does the Astrology & Horoscopes really work?"

You watch everyday in TV channels & YouTube. People teach you astrology & give tutorials. They justify why an event has occurred in someone's life & also justify mundane events. Newspapers & radio gives daily predictions. People do believe that while nothing happens for real.

Well it’s just their habit to do same thing each day & never ask themselves why they are doing it. Now, I will tell you what’s the reality & truth about all these predictions & do famous astrologers even know how to predict or they fool not just you but even themselves.

When flood came in 2006, they claimed it was because two massive planets Saturn & Jupiter were in watery sign, therefore flood happened.

Does that make any sense to you? Planets were present in watery sign & not in the physical water and the movement of water depends more on the Moon and less upon the gravitational pull from planets. Everything should be seen from a more scientific point of view rather than the eyes of superstition.

Natural calamities happen all the time. But they need to justify reasons in order to show yes they know astrology. Then, why are they famous? Because media industry want people to come on TV and engage audience with new things. The so called YouTubers, who can't do anything, can’t get a good job nor do business; just want to make some good money. So, they fool you with what little and wrong knowledge they have about astrology. This never stops; they continuously make videos to indulge people because YouTube does pay a lot for real.

While you are going through trouble & try to get some guidance and real help, these guys just waste you mobile data with their useless videos. Astrologers suggest remedies which is not just costly but difficult to do. What happens then? You feel more troubled & the main cause of problem is still there.

Well I am an Astrologer too, how can you expect I will say Astrology does not work? Astrology does work 100% but it’s like a machine. In order for a machine to work properly you should know how to operate it.

When I started learning astrology, at first it felt quite good. Yeah, I was actually learning it. Later, I have read all the books but still I am not sure what's going to happen. With astrology it should be accurate, whether the event will happen or not. But I was like; I am in middle of nowhere. I can read chart but still not 100% sure with it.

Those who are students of astrology know that we see which planet is placed in which house & what the ascendant is. But in order to do accurate predictions the journey is bit longer. You need to see lord of Star & Sub Lord. Kindly, read Rules of Predictive Hindu Astrology. When you will take them into account then the prediction is accurate & you can be sure.
Then how astrologers are able predict with just house placement of planets?

Well the chance of being correct with it is still 60%. Astrologers usually are correct with 6 horoscopes when they try on 10 horoscopes. Let’s understand how.

In Predictive Astrology, we take planet’s placement, placement of Star Lord and Sub Lord. Suppose, planet A says something. Either its Star Lord & Sub Lord will support the thing or deny what planet says. The power of majority usually works here (not always). If both Star Lord & Sub Lord supports the planet, event will happen as signified the planet A. If either of them supports then also the event will occur. The only time when prediction will go wrong is when both Star Lord & Sub Lord stand against the planet.

You being the client pay to the astrologer for getting a 100% correct prediction & not for beating around the bushes. How can you trust an Astrologer who is not sure with the predictions & can change the statement by applying any rule of astrology? You did consultation because you trusted that astrologer & took the advice thinking it will help you. Not for getting an excuse when you already suffered a loss.

What should be the Role of an Astrologer?
An Astrologer should not be like an arrogant person filled with ego of knowing about people & their future. Rather, he should be a humble person who is an advisor & a source of guidance to other people. In India, Astrology is known as Jyotish (Jyoti - Ish) which means light.

Curiosity, uncertainty & confusion about the future is like darkness within the mind. While Astrology (Jyotish) is that light which enlightens a person’s mind and show them the correct path. We humans are very innocent & sensitive beings. There is already a lot of trouble & complications in our life.

An Astrologer should be kind enough to understand other people’s problem & try to be as humble & soft as possible especially while revealing some sensitive information.


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Astrology Basics: Concept of Houses, Sub Lord & Cuspal Sub Lord

The ABC, Astrology Basic Concepts, continues. In previous article, you learned what planets, zodiac signs & constellations are . Now, it is time when you come down from skies and understand some of the basic concepts used in astrology to analyze an astrological chart. Zodiac signs are important and they do have their own set of characteristics as mentioned in the previous article but what actually plays a major role in deciding the fate of a person is the houses a planet signifies. Similarly, the constellation in which a planet is present is capable of changing the nature of events. The planet may not give its own result but starts giving results of the constellation if the constellation lord strongly opposes what the planet is signifying but the Sub Lord holds the final say.

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This methodology of knowing if a person is meant to become rich is not a theory, it is actually practiced and applied on horoscopes to predict about a person's life and to figure out if a person is meant to become really successful and will become rich in his life. In a horoscope, there are 12 houses and 9 planets (excluding Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Most astrologers see 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th and 11th house, and their lords to see if a person has the capability to become rich and successful. Some also take the benefic aspects from Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon into account.The actual answer does not come through this way. To accurately know if a person is meant to become rich and successful you need to see these three things: The Person's Intelligence Benevolence of The Planets Support from The Time When these three things combine then a person actually becomes successful. I am sure that you find this very logical.

Rashi Chart or Bhava Chalit Chart for Prediction

In Predictive Hindu Astrology , there is a major role of Bhava Chalit chart. While Rashi chart remains same for almost 2 days, Bhava Chalit chart is changing every minute . It calculates in which cusp a planet and a zodiac sign is actually present. The placement of planets in Rashi Chart & in the Ascendant Chart (Main Birth Chart) is same, it is just that the Ascendant chart is rotated till the Moon comes in the first house and we call it Rashi Chart. I personally recommend that you avoid seeing Rashi Chart as the Ascendant Chart gives the most accurate results. Moon is very important and we do take Moon's placement into account by following the time period system that is just based upon Moon & stars. Now, we have to take the placement of other planets into account. The Ascendant chart indicates which planet was transiting in your 10th house (right above your head) or 7th house (western horizon) or any other house at the time when you were born. The zodiac sign in the

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On observing this sky from the Earth, we see billions of stars. A group of stars when forms a recognizable pattern, we call it a constellation. There could be uncountable number of constellations in the skies depending upon from where we see it. We see them from the Earth and the astronomers have discovered 88 constellations till now. In astrology, we only use 27 constellations and they form the entire zodiac belt. There are 12 zodiac sign in this zodiac belt and each zodiac sign has a width of 30 degrees. Each zodiac sign is owned by a certain planet and a planet can be present either in its own zodiac sign or in some other zodiac sign. The zodiac sign which a planet occupies depends upon the point of reference, the Earth. Earth is moving around the Sun along with other planets, therefore, the speeds of movement of other planets appear to be changing all the time. This happens due to the relative motion of Earth and the other planet. If we change our point of reference from Ea

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A civil servant is a person employed in the public sector for a government department or agency. Every year, hundreds of thousands of aspirants prepare for the civil services exam and compete for a few thousands of vacancies. Many of them are into administrative work and they are very much responsible for the welfare of the people & the county. They exhibit qualities like honesty, accountability, responsibility, impartiality & dedication. This is the fact due to which the civil servants are among the most respected people in the society.

7 Questions About Your Career Answered

Career astrology is about predicting what would be the status of a person in the world. It indicates how much a person can rise in his life irrespective of how much that person is educated. We always see examples where a person who is not much qualified makes millions. Those are the people having a horoscope which does not support education but making money. Due to which these people become smart enough to make huge sums of money without having a very strong educational background. Career astrology is different from predicting & timing events of life. Either an event will happen in life or not but that’s not the case with the career. If planets support the person will attain heights, if they don’t then the person will live an average life and if they are against then a person leads a miserable life. While doing career astrology it’s important to know what is the role of each & every house and relative importance of every house regarding career.