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Astrological Combinations In Horoscope for Marrying A Rich Spouse

In the age of social media and Instagram, people are becoming more and more influenced by the lifestyles they see on social media. This gives a rise to aspirations to attain wealth and live a very comfortable if not a luxurious life. Not everyone is blessed with a good amount of wealth, born in an affluent family or have a high income. It is good to work hard towards your goals and achieve success over time but even though most people want to become wealthy, they just don't get it. We all have seen a prince marrying an ordinary woman in fairy tales.  In Korean drama, it is very common to see an extremely rich man marrying an ordinary woman or vice versa. Marrying a rich man/woman can be a shortcut for someone to escape poverty and attain the desired level of wealth and financial freedom. During my consultations, several people come up to me with these questions and through this article I want to guide you to find the best approach for your life based on your planetary placemen

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When a relationship is new, there is a spark and a lot of enthusiasm among the couple. Some couples are able to keep that spark alive even after several years of relationship or marriage, but some find it really hard to hold on. In a relationship, people give up on each other and find someone new to love but when it comes to marriage most people are left with no other choice but to continue even if they are not happy in their marriage. This article is not meant to hurt someone who feel stuck in this kind of marriage but instead help people choose a suitable partner with whom they can expect to live a happy life. There is a quote which says, "People are never perfect, but relationships can be perfect". With this thought I came up with the idea to write this article. During my consultations, I have seen several horoscopes where individually the horoscopes are not bad but the relationship problems are indicated when we match the two horoscopes. If you regularly read my arti

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Astrology helps in predicting events related to various aspects of one's life. The various aspects of a human life are health, family, education, work, marriage, children, fulfilment of desires and spiritual growth. Among all these aspects, health is the most important aspect of one's life. Without having a good physical and mental health, it is very difficult to achieve success in the other aspects of life. Astrology can help in determining these health issues, what can be done to avoid the health problems and when the recovery will happen based on the planetary placements in one's horoscope. Nadi Astrology has a clear methodology to determine the nature of the health problems that are very likely to occur in one's life. Houses & Body Parts Ascendant/First House Ascendant represents your entire physical body and among the body parts it represents your head and brain.  Second House Second house represents the face, eyes, teeth, tongue and mouth. Third House Third

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People tend to believe that it is safe being employed, have a secured job and earn a regular income. Most individuals depend on a single source of income for their livelihood and normally that source is their job. But during the COVID-19 pandemic when topline of businesses shrunk, they either fired their employees or paid them lower salaries. Many had to leave their homes and cars which were purchased on loan. The pandemic affected everyone, individuals, small business owners and big businesses as well. Whether you are an employee, self employed, a business owner or an investor, it is always beneficial to have more than one source of income. Even if one source of income goes down, you will still make money. An investor invests in many financial instruments and businesses, a business owner can set up multiple streams of revenue and even a self employed person can do many things to generate income. But an employee works for one organization, struggles on the weekdays to perform well and

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In this modern day world, we need money to not just survive but also to afford a comfortable and secured life. Anyone would like to earn well, hold valuable assets, live in a beautiful house and own luxurious cars. The desire to become wealthy, powerful and influential has been there since the very beginning of humanity. Wealth is mainly referred as abundance of money, property and assets i.e. valuable materialistic possessions. In ancient times, land and food were considered as wealth. A wealthy person is respected and treated well by the society. Knowledge, social status, good health and relationships, all these are different types of wealth. These are intangible and cannot be transferred to someone else, still these carry a huge value in our lives. I will cover all these types of wealth in this article. Most Important Houses For Wealth In an astrological chart, there are twelve houses and each of these houses control certain aspect of our lives. Below are the hou

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