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Astrological Combinations In Horoscope for Marrying A Rich Spouse

In the age of social media and Instagram, people are becoming more and more influenced by the lifestyles they see on social media. This gives a rise to aspirations to attain wealth and live a very comfortable if not a luxurious life. Not everyone is blessed with a good amount of wealth, born in an affluent family or have a high income. It is good to work hard towards your goals and achieve success over time but even though most people want to become wealthy, they just don't get it. We all have seen a prince marrying an ordinary woman in fairy tales.  In Korean drama, it is very common to see an extremely rich man marrying an ordinary woman or vice versa. Marrying a rich man/woman can be a shortcut for someone to escape poverty and attain the desired level of wealth and financial freedom. During my consultations, several people come up to me with these questions and through this article I want to guide you to find the best approach for your life based on your planetary placemen

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Beneficial Houses, Planets & Combinations That Bring Wealth In Astrology

Most beneficial planet in astrology for becoming wealthy. Among the nine planets, this planet is most beneficial for wealth. Jupiter is the most beneficial planet in astrology. This is due to natural characteristics and significations of Jupiter in astrology.

In this modern day world, we need money to not just survive but also to afford a comfortable and secured life. Anyone would like to earn well, hold valuable assets, live in a beautiful house and own luxurious cars. The desire to become wealthy, powerful and influential has been there since the very beginning of humanity.

Wealth is mainly referred as abundance of money, property and assets i.e. valuable materialistic possessions. In ancient times, land and food were considered as wealth. A wealthy person is respected and treated well by the society.

Knowledge, social status, good health and relationships, all these are different types of wealth. These are intangible and cannot be transferred to someone else, still these carry a huge value in our lives. I will cover all these types of wealth in this article.

Most Important Houses For Wealth

In an astrological chart, there are twelve houses and each of these houses control certain aspect of our lives. Below are the houses that bring wealth.

Second House

Second house represents all your possessions, family and speech. Whether you possess knowledge, money, name, assets, goodwill and relationships, all are governed by your 2nd house.

A strong 2nd house may not help you gain anything but will help you retain what you already possess. You can keep making money but that will not convert into wealth until you learn how to retain and manage your resource.

Second house is therefore called as the house of wealth.

Trinal Houses

1st, 5th and 9th house are called trinal houses. Trinal houses are considered as most beneficial houses and are also called as the houses of Lakshmi(Lakshmi Sthana).

In Hindu religion we have a goddess of wealth named Lakshmi. There is a story that once Goddess Lakshmi got angry from her husband, Lord Vishnu, and disappeared. Along with her all the knowledge, gold, beautiful stones and anything valuable that exists in the world were gone.

This simply indicates how much importance the sages, who wrote ancient texts of astrology, have given to trinal houses in astrology.

First House

First house represents you (your physical self) and in body parts it represents your head.

This house also defines your behavior and nature. Affliction to this house causes physical and mental problems to a person.

You experience this physical world through your body only. If your physical or mental health is not good then it will get difficult to enjoy any wealth in this world. These problems will also become a hurdle in your way to success or achieve anything significant.

Fifth House

Fifth house is about creativity, spirituality, learning and children, and governs your intelligence and digestive system.

A strong 5th house give you a strong digestion which is necessary to keep your body and mind well nourished.

Fifth house is also known as the house of children and past life good deeds.

Ninth House

 Ninth house is about higher learning, wisdom, sense of righteousness, long distance travel and preaching.

This house represents your father and forefathers, and body part associated with this house is thigh.

Ninth house is known as the house of fortune or fate.

From a Sage's point of view, knowledge, wisdom, good health, sense of righteousness, harmony and spiritual growth is the real wealth. Sages used to travel long distances and preach to spread their knowledge.

Therefore, first, fifth and ninth house were really important for them and hence are termed as the houses of Lakshmi. 

Knowledge and good health are necessary to everyone but still these trinal houses do not directly influence your income, wealth and status. Due to which you see people with more knowledge end up working under people owning more financial wealth.

Eleventh House

Eleventh house represents your elder siblings, friends, and most importantly gains. We all want gains and success in life, and this is controlled by 11th house.

Anyone who wants to achieve something significant or do something big in life should have the support from 11th house in the horoscope.

Eleventh house is called as the house of desire fulfillment.

One can clearly observe the difference in income and status by looking at the horoscope when 11th house is strong. 

I share a story with you.

Two of my friends (let's call them A & B) pass out from the same college and started at the similar salaries.

After 5 years of experience, A grew his salary by 5 times and B's salary was hardly more than double.

When I compared the two horoscopes I clearly noticed:
  1. A had 7 planets connected to 11th house and no negative planets for career growth.
  2. B had much lesser number of planets connected to 11th house and many negative planets for career.
Where A earns well, gets time to hangout with friends and enjoys a comfortable life, B used to work till late, gets paid less and feels frustrated about the job.

I have written a separate article and suggest you to read this: Eleventh house - Most Powerful House In Astrology

No matter what type of wealth you wish to achieve, 11th house is always going to be the most important house.

Beneficial Planets For Wealth

In Bhrigu Nadi Jyotish(Stellar Astrology) System, we believe that a planet is as good as the houses it signifies. i.e. the houses are more important (primary) and the planet's own characteristics are secondary.

Results are defined by houses signified and planets mainly add their own flavor to the end results.

Let's say, a planet X is indicating a prestigious job. If this planet is Sun/Moon then the native will get job in a government company and if the planet is Venus then job will be in public limited company.

Here are a few examples:
  1. Sun & Moon - Gains through the government, government job/post, property constructed by a government company
  2. Mars - Gain of property/land, job in police services or security, engineering
  3. Mercury - Income through multiple sources, business success, success in marketing, good academic performance, job in MNC
  4. Jupiter - Income through multiple sources, wisdom, respect, success in judiciary examinations, job in public limited company
  5. Venus - Gain of vehicle, gain through a person of opposite sex, success in judiciary examinations, buying a luxurious property, branded goods, job in public limited company
  6. Saturn - Gain of property, success in marketing, job at a private company
  7. Rahu & Ketu - Job at a difficult location, problems with the property/vehicle purchased, bad locality, job in a small company
 New job, buying a property or vehicle, planets only do some modification to the end results. Idea behind sharing these examples is to make you understand the importance of houses.

Jupiter is considered as the most beneficial planet for wealth. Jupiter stays in a sign for 1 year, if Jupiter is exalted then we cannot expect that all the children taking birth during that 1 year are going to be wealthy.

Planet's association with houses changes in every few minutes as the Earth rotates.

But yes, there are some planets which perform better than the others when they signify combinations of gaining of wealth.


Venus governs all sorts of comforts and luxuries. Luxurious homes, vehicles and goods are controlled by Venus. When Venus is strong, the native enjoys branded goods and luxury in life.

Venus brings a lot of money, respect and status to the native, and also helps the native to settle in a posh locality.

Venus helps in finding a beautiful partner and also maintains happiness in the relationship.

Venus is Rajasic in nature. Rajasic Guna makes it difficult for people to be happy by themselves and therefore they tend to surround themselves with people and material things to feel happy.


Jupiter represents all the knowledge of this Universe. Jupiter is the significator of knowledge, wisdom and expansion.

Jupiter is signifies growth and makes you good at planning, thus helps you build assets overtime.

A well placed Jupiter brings gain through more than one source, and the planets/houses Jupiter aspects also contribute in the growth.

Jupiter is Sattvic in nature. Sattvic Guna clears your mind, let you plan for the future and helps you build good relationships. Influence of Sattvic Guna does not let you indulge into materialistic pleasures.

Such people stay on their righteous path, feel contented within themselves, remain loyal, well focused, and are high on moral values.

These qualities are necessary if one wish to achieve something big and create a fortune.


Saturn is considered as one of the most malefic planets in astrology. Saturn is the natural significator of poverty, pain, suffering, ill health and death.

When Saturn is not well placed in a horoscope, it creates major troubles in one's life - anything from losing health and wealth to losing all the relationships and loved ones.

But the best part it if Saturn is strong and well placed in your horoscope, you know that you are safe.

When Mahadasha of beneficial planets like Jupiter and Venus starts, they take time to show results and the effects are not instantaneously observed.

In case of Saturn, you can observe the results soon after time period starts and Saturn is capable of giving a lot of material wealth, success, name and fame.


According to the mythology, Rahu was a demon who wanted to become powerful, respect and rise to the status of gods.

Rahu is therefore the significator of all the materialistic desires and pleasures.

Rahu has 5th and 9th aspect like Jupiter but where Jupiter brings gradual growth, Rahu brings tremendous and sudden growth when strongly placed in the horoscope.

Rahu is very much like Saturn - Rahu brings a lot of materialistic success and the results can be observed very strongly during the Rahu time period.

Combinations For Wealth

A planet most of the time signify a number of houses due to its house ownership, house occupancy and constellation occupied. During any planetary time period, the native is dealing with various things.

A single house signifies many things but a combination of houses is able to clearly indicate a particular event.

Eg: When you purchase a property, you spend money(12th house) and you gain(11th house) property(4th house), and hence a planet signifying 4th, 11th and 12th house will help you buying a property.

Read my article on Astrology Basic Concepts if you are new to Bhrigu Nadi Jyotish and house combinations.

Similarly, we have different combinations that bring different types of wealth. I will keep things simple to help the readers understand otherwise, a book can be written on how various houses and planetary aspects can influence life and path to gain wealth.

Good Health

To have good physical and mental health, Lord of the Ascendant should have its association with good houses i.e. first, fifth and eleventh house and there should be no connection with bad houses (6th, 8th and 12th house).

This gives the native a strong immunity. When various planets in the horoscope are also connected with these houses and not with the bad houses, then the person lives a long healthy life.

Good health also ensures balance in the body and mind, which in turn also gives the native good behavior and manners.

Jupiter is the natural significator of good health, and presence of a positive Jupiter in trine also proves beneficial to the native.

Ninth house further supports good health and good behavior.


Fourth house indicates your ability to learn and grasp the subject and fifth house is for intelligence i.e. how good you are to understand and apply a given information.

Fourth house helps you perform well academically while fifth house makes you creative and skillful.

The combination of 4th, 5th and 11th house makes a person knowledgeable. 2nd and 9th house further promotes learning and are supportive houses here.

The person is knowledgeable when various planets in the horoscope signify these combinations. Influence of other houses and planets will decide the field in which the native has knowledge.

Example: 2nd and 11th house signified by majority of planets makes a person go into the field of finance, whereas there are high chances of gaining technical knowledge when 8th and 12th house joins the combination of 4th, 5th and 11th house.

In my article on Career Astrology I have explained how these combinations and planetary influence decide the field of work.

Jupiter and Mercury are the natural significator of knowledge and intelligence. During their time periods, they both promote learning and enhances learning abilities of the native.

Social Status

Social status is a measure of your social value. This value can come through many ways like rank, position, family, authority and good work.

The most important house for your status is the 10th house, this house uplifts a person status in the society and brings honor, respect and value to the person.

Many work for living but not everyone earns respect through their profession.

When many planets are connected with the 10th house and not with the bad houses, then this indicates continuous growth in the social status.

Again, we cannot expect anything special without the support of 11th house and the planets signifying 10th and 11th house have the capacity to bring a lot of respect and social status to a person.

For Aries Ascendant, Saturn is a really positive planet as long as it occupies a good house and good constellation because Saturn owns 10th and 11th house. 

Financial Wealth

Financial wealth or simply wealth refers to the abundance of valuable assets, expensive items, goods, property, stocks and money. 

The kind of assets one will have depends entirely on the combinations present in the horoscope.

11th house is always going to be most important for gaining the wealth and 2nd house will support building and growing the financial wealth. If there is no 11th house support, there is no wealth.

Other houses will influence how the wealth is coming.

Hard Earned Wealth

There are those who earn wealth through their continuous hard work. Irrespective of from where these people start, they grow and expand themselves through their self efforts.

2nd, 6th and 10th house forms the Artha trine, Artha is a Sanskrit word which means purpose. These are the houses which makes a person work and responsible for giving a career.

6th house is the primary house for job and competition. People with a strong 6th house are really hard working, they are hard working employees if they are into job and if they are into business, they know how to win over competitors and succeed in business.

10th house is the house for status and influence. People with a strong 10th house gain money, respect and status through their work.

If we compare 6th and 10th house, 10th house will bring more success and respect as compared to the 6th house for the same amount of effort.

This is because 6th house is the house of struggles, and it is a one of the 3 bad house (6th, 8th and 12th). 10th house on the other hand is a very positive house and the strongest Angular/Kendra house. 

Artha trine is mainly responsible to help you earn your living. When planets associated with these houses also gets connected to the 11th house then they lead to a huge gain of income.

A native having various planets signifying these houses (2nd, 6th, 10th and 11th house) are able to grow financially, win over their competition and create wealth and fortune.

Unearned Wealth

People who did not work hard for the wealth they have, these people simply gain wealth created by other people.

Many like the idea of gaining unearned wealth but this type of wealth does not lead to a very successful and contented life.

The significator of unearned wealth is the 8th house, this house is also the house of other people's money and sudden mishappenings.

When many planets in the horoscope are connected to 8th and 11th house, this leads to gaining unearned wealth - gaining ancestral property, legal claims, gains through spouse, gain through anyone related or not related to you.

It is very common to inherit property. Even if you do not have these combinations in your horoscope and you are the only child of your parents, you easily inherit the property. Same thing is with small insurance claims.

These combinations are required when you have a dispute on family property or when you have to make big claims on someone. People who enjoy other people's money or involved into some kind of fraud also have this combination.

The problem with the unearned wealth is that once you get comfortable with using this wealth for your pleasure and comforts then you get used to it. Normally I see that such people do not like to work very hard and may suffer through low self esteem.


People who make their wealth through smart investment decisions. Majority of people work hard everyday for their living and these are the people who put their money to work. Investment is something anyone can do once they build enough bank balance.

To make any kind of investment, you have to first spend your money and therefore you must have some money. 12th house is really important here as 12th house is the main house for expenditure.

When many planets in the horoscope are connected to the 12th and 11th house, this leads to gain through the investments.

One can invest into stocks, property, businesses, gold, silver, bonds, etc. So this combination alone is not enough to indicate from where the wealth is coming and we need to see the influence of other houses.


People invest in real estate and property is signified by the 4th house in the horoscope.

To invest in property the complete combination is going to be 4th, 11th and 12th. People with many planets indicating this combination will see success in real estate and such people become builders, real estate agents and investors.

One can own a property by taking money on loans and here the combination will be 4th, 6th and 11th. 6th house is the significator of loans.

The difference is that you had no money to purchase the property and though you legally own a property, you have to continuously earn money to ensure that the bank let you keep the property.

In this case, you did not do any investment instead the other party(bank or any financial institution) invested in you and they will earn interest on the loan given - 7th house in your horoscope represents the other party and 12th from this house is your 6th house.


Speculation refers to risking your money in hopes of financial gain. 5th house is the house for speculation. Lottery, gambling, game and anything where you risk money is related to 5th house.

Involvement of a strong 5th house is required for speculative gains, and the combination is 5th, 11th and 12th.

12th house is expenditure, investment and loss, and it gets necessary that you have strong 11th house which can let you gain through these uncertain and risky businesses.

If planets are more strongly signifying the bad houses then it will be really easy to lose money here. This is why majority of people hardly gain much through stock market.

Winning and gain through speculation depends on how strongly your 11th house is connected to your 5th house.

Robert Kiyosaki built his wealth from properties purchased on loan, Donald Trump built his wealth through real estate, and Warren Buffet earned from the stock market.

By understanding the influence of various houses and planets in the horoscope we can tell how a person is going to build wealth.

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