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3 Most Important Houses For A Happy Marriage

Marriage is a union of two people who are willing to stay together as partners in a personal relationship with the consent of the society. This is how we look at marriage. Nadi astrology also looks at the marriage in the same way and only houses that indicates these things are required to predict marriage.

Generally, astrologers look for planets related to the seventh house to predict marriage. The seventh house is the prime house of marriage but the seventh house alone it cannot make the marriage happen. Due to which a possibility of an incorrect prediction arises.

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Rules of Nadi Astrology

Nadi astrology, also known as Predictive Hindu Astrology, follows a systematic approach to assess the house significations of each planet in a birth chart. A planet gives results depending upon its placement in a birth chart & there are no shortcuts to assess a planet.

Rules of Nadi Astrology is a set of rules which we require to assess:
  • Events a planet can trigger
  • Number of planets supporting the event
  • Relative strength of different planets to trigger the event
  • The time when the event is going to happen

Rules of Nadi Astrology are as follows:
  1. 2nd house from every house enhances the results of that house:Take an example of first house, 2nd house from the first house will be second house, which signifies our wealth and possessions. A person’s wealth and possessions adds value to that person’s image.

  2. 12th house from every house negates the result of that house: Sixth house is for conflicts and misunderstanding, while fifth house is for love, care & understanding nature. So, fifth house negates the result of sixth house matter.

  3. Power of Sub lord > Star Lord > Planet Itself: 
    a) A planet signifies results of houses it owns & occupies
    b) Based upon planet’s degree it is in nakshatra/star of some planet & we call it Star Lord
    c) That star has another ninth division, lord of this division is called Sub Lord.
    This simply means a planet signifies results signified by its star & sub lord more than what a planet is signifying itself. Therefore, a planet in 8th house is able to give good results but astrologers fail to predict how.

  4. Power of Main Period(Dasha Lord)> Sub Period(Bhukti Lord)> Sub Sub Period (Antra Lord): Happening of any major event if denied by the lord of the main period will deny the event in that particular period of time. Example: Jupiter’s main period (Maha Dasha) runs for 16 years, if it denies an event of life then we have to check next period i.e. time period of Saturn.

These are the basic rules which should be kept in mind while accessing the planets and predicting an event.

You will understand this in detail in my articles which will help you know how houses 2nd and 12th from one house affect each other.

Zodiac Sign, Sub Lord & Star Lord

There are 12 Zodiac signs & all nine planets are present inside these three zodiac signs. Behind those zodiac signs we have 27 constellations. This means 2.25 constellation per zodiac sign. The planet which owns a particular constellation is known as Star Lord. Each constellation is again divided into nine parts called Sub & the planet owning a sub is called a Sub Lord.

The lord of Zodiac signs, constellations & sub always remains the same & it is independent of what are the planetary placements in your chart. Only occupancy & lordship of houses changes depending upon your planetary placement & ascendant.

Refer to these articles for the ABC, Astrology Basic Concepts:
  1. Astrology Basics: Understand Planets, Zodiac Signs & Constellations
  2. Astrology Basics: Concept of Houses, Sub Lord & Cuspal Sub Lord
  3. Astrology Basics: Accurately assess a Birth Chart
  4. Understanding Nirayana Bhava Chalit Chart & Its Importance in Prediction Making
  5. Planetary Time Period System Used for Accurate Predictions

249 Sub Lords Table in Nadi Astrology

These 249 sub lords makes this system very detailed & proves that we cannot predict events just by looking in which house or zodiac sign a planet is present. The table is shifted to a new page to keep this page lightweight since it is a really long table.

Refer here: 249 Sub Lords Table Used for Predictions in Nadi Astrology

The table indicates the house lord, star lord & sub lord based upon the degree. Division of Sub sub lord is not shown here though it is mentioned. We just need to see Star lord & Sub lord, so, ignore the rest.

We know that zodiac belt starts from 0 degree & ends at 360 degrees. Aries starts at zero degree whose lord is Mars therefore you see Mars from 0 to 30 degrees. Then, Taurus comes whose lord is Venus (30 to 60 degrees) and so on.

We have 27 constellations each occupying 13 degrees and 20 minutes.
(13 degrees 20 minutes) * 27 = 360 degrees.

Readings in the table show the starting degree.

Example 1

0 degree Mars-Ket-Ketu : Mars is sign lord, Ketu in middle is nakshatra lord ( 13 degree 20 minutes) and Sub lord of Ketu continues from 0 degree to 0 degree 46 minutes 40 seconds, then comes Sub lord of Venus (Mars-Ket-Venus).

Example 2

Check 290 degrees 51 minutes; we will find Sat-Mon-Venus i.e. Venus is the sub lord (Tip: Simply check Sub lord at the lower degree, in this example Venus Sub lord exist from 290-26 to 292-40, so Venus is written at 290 degree 26 minutes).


Taurus Ascendant, Venus Exalted in 11th house in sign of Pisces at 15 degrees. At this degree, you will see Jupiter-Saturn-Jupiter-Jupiter (Sign Lord - Star Lord - Sub Lord - Sub Sub Lord). Only See Star Lord and Sub Lord which is Saturn and Jupiter.

Suppose Saturn is Present in 10th house of Capricorn and Jupiter is placed with Saturn.

Saturn owns 9th and 10th house and placed in 10th house.
Jupiter owns 8th and 11th house and placed in 12th house.

Venus : 1st 6th and 11th house
Saturn : 9th and 10th house
Jupiter : 8th 10th and 11th house

Ignore which planet is Star and Sub lord. These are the combined significations of Venus now.

Venus: 1 6 11
             9  10
             8 10 11

While explaining Timing and Predicting Events of Life all houses signified by planets are written in similar fashion. There are other rules which may need to be followed depending upon the event you are trying to predict.

For eg: Each significator house for marriage (2, 7 & 11) contains the same weightage while for career each house carries a different weightage (2 < 6 < 10 < 11).

The second rule says, "12th house from every house negates the results of that house". The combination of houses for marriage is 2, 7 & 11 and therefore the combination for no marriage is 1, 6 & 10.

Similarly, the prime houses for the career are 6th and 10th, and 12th from these houses, i.e. 5th and 9th, might give you problems with the career. But the 5th house and 9th house are actually good houses and therefore the planets should also signify the 8th and 12th house to hurt the native's career.

Now Venus is strongly signifying houses which gives wealth and rise in career 6, 10 & 11 (Refer to Career Astrology).

Possible indications with this combination: Top Level Executive in a Multi-National Corporation.

This is how you analyze the results of a planet.


  1. I am in astrology from 1980. DOB 23/10/1955 at 21:20 at Bhiwani (Haryana) . Know Nadi astrology but couldn't understand why I & wife lost 29 Lac FDs Invested with reputed builder Unitech Ltd ( 12 Lac) & a private builder Rs 17 Lac
    These are not paying interest / Principal from March 2016.
    Wife Renu DOB 7/3/59; 20:30 Srinagar ( Kashmir).
    Even Umang Taneja failed to explain this & doubtful about recovery.

    1. Events happened or wrong actions taken in bad time periods continue to give bad results. When a scheme comes into the market that is a hoax or doomed to fail, only those who are going through bad time will get attracted to it and later suffer losses.

      When an event does not involve common man but Elite class, powerful people or a huge number of people then chart of a common man becomes insignificant or incapable of doing anything.

      Now it depends upon either the will of business owners or the words of person holding judicial power if people will get it or not.

      As per your case, such cases usually remain pending for years. So, recovery is usually difficult. Also, people these days are so self centred, egoistic and rely on other people instead of uniting and fighting.

      All of them looks for a leader who will come and start a revolution for them.

      Even if a person comes for them sooner or later those common people get against his actions and later common man like you are again alone and helpless.

      That's the biggest problem of this society created by common men for themselves.

    2. Please note. As per Nadi progression the position of jupiter is in pices i.e at the age of 57/58. Ketu is in Aquarius. In the natal chart Jupiter is also with venus (finance) in this case. As per Nadi progression it would be in Aquarius with Ketu - Both being 12 from Jupiter. Further Jupiters direction is in the north direction creating obstruction. Jupiter as per the natal chart is a Bhadrak and marak - a double effect. Hence at the age of 57 it strongly indicates a financial loss.

  2. For other people I would like to say. You people teach your children how to be tricky and how to deal with this bad world. Without thinking that all the difficulties and problems are faced mostly by common people. While you form the majority part of this society you teach your children how to be tricky with people who are no different from you.

    I see people feel proud when they trick or harm somebody these days.

    First their parents teach them wrong things and later they due to their own lack of intelligence become even worst.

    Lord Shri Krishna was also tricky but he did it to only help people not to harm anybody.

    Instead of focusing on marks and treating your children harshly kindly teach them good moral values.

    So that if your child would become powerful one day then he will only work for welfare of the society and help common people like you.

    All the Best.

    1. My experience in last 40 yrs:
      Every karma is not in our hands. Similarly advice given, may be taken otherwise by the receivers in different perspective individually.
      Horoscope & Dasha play a significant role.
      When time is positive, we meet nice people & make right decision & vice versa.
      DOB 23 10 1955, 21:20 hrs Bhiwani Haryana
      Lost 25 Lac in last 2 yes (without any fault). Chance of even partial recovery?

    2. Yes, you are correct.
      You went through Sat-Ket time period, now its Sat-Venus. Just to tell you that I actually saw your chart and tried finding any possibility.
      I do not see any chances of even partial recovery.
      We Astrologers are also humans and understand human feelings. So its difficult for us to answer such things.
      So I could not say more on this. Just do what you think is right and take necessary actions or help from judiciary.
      All the Best.
      All the best.

  3. Thanks. I also think that knocking doors of judiciary is only option to get 50% recovery in next 24 months. Sat + Venus period can delay but not disappoint, I guess because Sun in Neech- bhang Yog show Relief thru Govt / courts.

  4. All I can say is that no matter how accurate we say our techniques are, we are not GOD so there will always exist those unexplained moments in our lives which will continue to baffle us.
    Astrology is good for guidance and can help in managing one's expectations especially when things are not going in our favor but we should not try and relate or attribute everything to astrology. It will never make sense 100% of the time

  5. Dob 22-12-1976, 15:35hrs ,NASIK Maharashtra. Going thru very critical professional and financial phase. when will things get to normal?

    1. Hi Dhiraj! The horoscope does show problems but we need to know more about your career and the query which needs to be answered. Kindly, let us know more via email. Email id:

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. 13/11/87 12.11pm mumbai, when will i get married

    1. Your start for marriage will be very strong when you will be running 32 years of age i.e in the year 2020.

  8. My DOB : 22 dec 1976
    Time : 15.35 hrs
    Place : Nashik, Maharashtra

    Last 5 years have really horrible, last 2 years worst unemployed, self business not working.
    Big opportunities pop up every now and but none materilise.
    I am Going Thru Sade- sati and Rahu Mahadasha. Local Astrologers had given specific dates many times in last 2 years for better time, but none proved right.
    Really hard to survive now.
    will sincerely appreciate guidance.

  9. As per your kundli you are an Engineer by profession having keen interest in civil and interior designing. You will have a rise in career at the age on 42. During this sade sathi period your interest in spirituality will rise. Do meditation and have a calm mind. To reduce the ill effects of Sade Sathi donate a pair of leather slippers to a beggar. Wear an iron ring made of "Ghode ki Nal".

  10. while going thru article on saturn mahadasha on QUORA, please explain in details
    about saturn mahadasha period rahu for three years starts from 12/12/18.


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