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3 Most Important Houses For A Happy Marriage

Marriage is a union of two people who are willing to stay together as partners in a personal relationship with the consent of the society. This is how we look at marriage. Nadi astrology also looks at the marriage in the same way and only houses that indicates these things are required to predict marriage.

Generally, astrologers look for planets related to the seventh house to predict marriage. The seventh house is the prime house of marriage but the seventh house alone it cannot make the marriage happen. Due to which a possibility of an incorrect prediction arises.

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6 Predictions About Your Love & Marriage and Are You Meant For Love Marriage?

Falling in love feels delightful and then the person you have fallen for becomes the center of your universe. Your attention which was scattered everywhere due to this everyday life gets focused on that special person. Your happiness, emotions & desires gets attached to the one you love and you imagine that person with you in every moment of your life.

Simply, "Love is a magical feeling".

Predictive Astrology can help in finding out how long this magical feeling will sustain & if your partner is actually in love with you. Love can be either Platonic or Physical. But, it depends upon the partners what they need from each other and it would not be wise to judge.

Platonic love is one in which distance between two people does not matter & when two people love each other not for physical appearance or materialistic possessions. They love each other & stay loyal even if they are meant to stay away. The reason could be work, education or family problems.

Falling in Love

In astrology, love is seen from the fifth house. Fifth house rules your happiness, hobbies & things that you love doing. Therefore, love is not possible if the significators of fifth house in your chart are showing difficult combinations (like 6,8 & 12).

The most basic combination for Falling in Love: 5 8 or 5 12

When a planet is signifying this combination then you will fall in love in the time period of such planet. When this combination is present in hardly 1 or 2 planets, then it is difficult to say that the person will surely get into a relationship, rather it is possible that he/she will like someone & forget about it as soon as the time period of that planet will pass.

But, if this combination is present in 3 or more planets and also the planets are signifying 5 8 12 (not just 5 8 or 5 12) then the person will surely get into relationship with someone. If time period of Mercury is in operation then a person gets in relationship with a younger partner and with elder partner if time period of Saturn is in operation.

Physical Love: 5 8 12
Platonic Love: 5 9 11 + 8/12

Houses 5 9 & 11 are positive/good houses & they supports each other. They bring out the good qualities of a person & if a person has majority of planets (especially lord of the Ascendant) signifying these houses, then the person is kind, virtuous & chaste.

If planets are signifying both of these combinations simultaneously then the love will be more platonic & less physical as 5 will support 9 & 11 not 8 & 12. 

Houses 6 8 & 12 are negative/bad houses. They give a harsh & cruel nature, bad behavior, anxiety & low moral values. Therefore, if you are in a relationship with such person then things are not going to stay magical for long rather it will turn into a nightmare

Romantic Relationship

A relationship is romantic when both the partners tries to impress each other through the little creative things they do. Planning a candle light dinner to throwing a surprise birthday party to adoring each other through the words. The combination of Romantic Relationship is slightly different to that of Platonic Love.

Romantic Relationship: 5 9 11 + 8 &/OR 12

But this happens when both the partners have this combination in their birth charts. You cannot expect that things will be fine without the other partner having this combination. Fifth house is for love while ninth & eleventh house will enhance the creativity of fifth house in order to bring a smile on your partner's face. Eighth house & twelfth house will bring more attraction between the partners. 

Love Marriage

Love Marriage occurs when two love birds marry each other after having a successful relationship. Love marriage is a combination of two chronological events, love & marriage.

Love = Love(5 8 12) + Marriage(2 7 11)

But it is possible that two people who are in a relationship willing to marry each other may not be going through the time period of planet containing the combinations of love. If the planets are signifying the combinations of Marriage only even then also they will marry each other. If the planets are simultaneously signifying marriage as well as break up then the partner having such combination will marry someone else.

Break Up

Break up brings pain, emotional trauma & depression. Sixth house plays a major role in creating miscommunication, misunderstanding and conflicts. Marriage or relationship, sixth house is responsible for the break of the bond of relationship. But sixth house alone cannot bring bad qualities and it always require the support of eighth or twelfth house to do the harm.

Break Up: 5 6 + 8 /12

More strongly a planet will signify houses 6 8 & 12, more pain & insult it will cause. The combination 5 6 8 & 12 also brings rejection to the proposal. Therefore, one should avoid proposing the one they love when the time period of such planet is in operation. The person can also go into depression after break up if the planets are also signifying the combination of depression (1 2 6 8) and there is no support from 5 9 & 11 houses.

Multi Dating

Dating or being in relationship with multiple people  simultaneously is known as multi dating. This happens when Mercury or Jupiter are signifying 5 8 12 in the birth chart. When a person goes through the time period of afflicted Mercury or Jupiter then he/she gets into relationship with multiple people.

If Jupiter is afflicted, then the person gets into relationship with 2 partners & with 2 or more partners if Mercury is afflicted. If Mercury is signifying the combination of platonic love (or just falling in love) then person gets into relationship with only one person of younger age. 

Extra Marital Affair

It has been observed that those who do love marriage or been in relationship with other people before marriage tends to have a higher possibility of doing extra marital affair. This is debatable but this is the actual observation. Combination for getting into a relationship is 5 8, 5 12 & 5 8 12. When you are into relationship you wish to marry the person you love but the combination for successful married life is 2 7 11.

To understand how to see Love Marriage, Refer to this article: Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage via Predictive Astrology.

A person gets into relationship because there are planets which are signifying such combinations & the time period of those planets will come back again after few months or years. Once you get married (even with the person you love) the combination 5 8 12 go against your spouse. Now, 5 8 12 will become the cause for Extra Marital Affair.

No Extra Marital Affair: 2 5 7 8 9 11 12

If combinations of marriage or platonic love are present with the combination of physical love then it stops a person going into Extra Marital Affair and the person will stay loyal to his/her spouse. Therefore, if two people do love marriage (or went through a number of relationships before marriage) then it is less likely that both of them will go for Extra Marital Affair after marriage. Usually, when people come to do astrological consultation with us, we see that both of them have combination of love marriage while one of them have majority of planets signifying 5 8 12 due to which they tend to go for Extra Marital Affair.

Sexual Behavior

  1. Venus signifying 5 8 12 or 7 8 12 makes a person more attracted towards physical relationships.
  2. If Venus & Mercury signifies these combinations then a person wishes to do intercourse with multiple people. 
  3. If Venus & Saturn/Rahu/Ketu are together and signifying these combinations then the person is a pervert.
  4. If Venus & Mars are present together then the person is abusive during intercourse.
This also works when these planets aspects Venus while signifying 5 8 12 or 7 8 12. Venus gets afflicted & the sexual behavior is changed accordingly.

These effect is much stronger when Venus is present in the first or seventh house, and when the Ascendant lord (or planets in Ascendant) signifies the same combination.


  1. As you explained in marriage example: For each planet and it's Lords(multiplied by 1,2,3),
    +1 for 2,7,11 and -1 for 1,6,10 houses

    But in case if someone is only considering romance or physical relations then +1 for 5,8,12 but what should we consider -1 for?
    Is it 4,6,7?

    Please answer.


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3 Most Important Houses For A Happy Marriage

Marriage is a union of two people who are willing to stay together as partners in a personal relationship with the consent of the society. This is how we look at marriage. Nadi astrology also looks at the marriage in the same way and only houses that indicates these things are required to predict marriage.

Generally, astrologers look for planets related to the seventh house to predict marriage. The seventh house is the prime house of marriage but the seventh house alone it cannot make the marriage happen. Due to which a possibility of an incorrect prediction arises.

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