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3 Most Important Houses For A Happy Marriage

Marriage is a union of two people who are willing to stay together as partners in a personal relationship with the consent of the society. This is how we look at marriage. Nadi astrology also looks at the marriage in the same way and only houses that indicates these things are required to predict marriage.

Generally, astrologers look for planets related to the seventh house to predict marriage. The seventh house is the prime house of marriage but the seventh house alone it cannot make the marriage happen. Due to which a possibility of an incorrect prediction arises.

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Significations of Saturn in Astrology

 the Karma done must be significant enough in order to Saturn give its result to you. That Karma should have a significant effect on someone either physically or psychologically. Read here to learn about how one’s Karma affects the doer & the rest.

Saturn is the lord of Justice, it is the second largest planet in our Solar System after Jupiter. In Hindu mythological stories Saturn is called child of the Lord Sun (सूर्यपुत्र:). It is said that Sun sheds its light upon every being with no discrimination. Similarly, justice of Saturn is unbiased & is equal for all.

Saturn gives results according to one’s Karma (actions) & results of these actions are experienced sooner or later in life. According to what I have observed, the Karma done must be significant enough in order to Saturn give its result to you. That Karma should have a significant effect on someone either physically or psychologically.

It’s not like Saturn is watching you to kill you the moment you even pinched someone. When you do same mistakes everyday then a day will come when you will suffer the same situations & at that time no one will try to understand you just the way you did.

Saturn rules over airy element (Vayu Tattva).

Those who learn Ayurveda or holistic healing knows that airy element if present in our head takes away a person’s ability to think or take decisions. When a person consumes alcohol the airy element increases in the head & person loses his ability to think.

Now, how Saturn uses this element? It takes away a person’s ability to think & take right decisions. So when even wise people don’t understand you during your bad times it’s because Saturn is now paying for your bad Karmas.

But does Saturn is meant to always give bad results or punishment?

No, remember I told you it’s the lord of Justice.

For those people who always think for the welfare of the others, believe in doing what’s right & do every action with a good intention, Saturn gives them results which last for a longer period of time & those results even protect a person during bad times.

Therefore, one should never underestimate the power of Saturn & Karmas as well whether it’s for good or bad.

We know in astrology and especially in Predictive Hindu Astrology results are calculated based upon the houses signified by the planets & the time period one going through. But, ones good Karmas can decrease the intensity of problems one will face in bad times & increase the positivity of good times. That is for sure.

Saturn, if well placed, gives property and fixed assets being a natural significator of it. Even if other planets do signify combinations of property purchase Saturn’s time period (main, sub or sub sub) should be there to make the event happen. Or, Saturn aspecting the planet whose time period native is going through.

Saturn also signifies administrative jobs, being a government servant. But in order to get such job one mainly require a well placed Sun &/or Moon. Person having a well placed Saturn have knowledge about justice & hardly do any work of dishonesty or injustice. Such people believe in justice & may also do social work for welfare of society.

While Sun signifies rich & powerful people & leaders; Saturn on the other hand signifies poor, unprivileged & lower castes. Saturn also signified places which have bad ambience or a weak infrastructure.

Suppose, person A has a Jupiter signifying same houses as Saturn in chart of person B. When they will get a job (person A in Jupiter time period & B in Saturn time period) person A will work in a fully air conditioned room (depending upon nature of job) & person B may work at difficult situations or in some underdeveloped country.

Saturn signifies old people because at old age the airy element is stronger in the body.

Saturn if badly placed may give depression orharshness in nature. But Saturn only punishes a person to make that person follow the right path. Saturn never troubles a person up to an extent that a person commits suicide. Only Rahu & Ketu are capable of troubling a person to this extent.

Separation is also signified by Saturn, while Jupiter or Sun signifying divorce combinations will only give coldness in relationship, Saturn signifying such combination will make the divorce happen.

People having well placed Saturn, Rahu (North Node of Moon) & Ketu (South Node of Moon) hardly faces many problems or troubles in their life & their good placements may take a person to heights of success. The best example of which is Amitabh Bachchan & we all know who he is.

In body parts, Saturn signifies
  •      Skin- Represented by Airy Element & it’s the outermost part of our body just the way Saturn is the outermost planet in our Solar system (if we only take planets we consider in Astrology)
  •      Large Intestine- Requires balance of airy element in body to function well & push waste outside of body.
  •      Joints- Joints in our body especially knee joint.
  •      Cell Membrane- Saturn represents our boundaries & therefore membrane of our cells & tissues are also signified by Saturn.

Saturn represents equality, justice & unity. To get good results from Saturn respect others, always have intentions for good & do well for others, society, country & this world.


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