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Why Stellar Astrology is the Most Accurate System of Prediction?

Stellar Astrology (Nadi Astrology) is a predictive system of astrology which gives importance to houses, constellation & sub lord signified by a planet depending upon its degree in the astrological chart. In this system, a planet gives results not on the basis of its natural significations or the houses it owns but on the combination of houses signified by the planet, its constellation lord & the sub lord. A single house is not capable of giving any result & it is very difficult to assess results of a planet without looking at its constellation lord & sub lord. For eg: Second house signifies a number of things but we cannot pinpoint anything unless we see the other houses that the planet is signified through itself, star lord or sub lord. If the planet is also signifying the eleventh house, then either it can mean "Gain/Addition of a member in the family" or "Gain of money & assets" - those who follow astrology knows the second house

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How To Accurately assess Results of Rahu & Ketu?

We have to assess what results they will give as a planet. To know what houses they are signifying in a chart we have to follow these three steps:  Step 1) Note the Houses Signified by the Lord of Zodiac Sign Step 2) Note the Houses Signified by the Planet(s) Conjunct with them Step 3) Note Houses Signified by the Planet(s) Aspecting them  All the houses obtained are the houses signified by Rahu & Ketu. Calculate the houses signified by Rahu & Ketu separately, do not mix them. They will act as two different planets & usually gives completely different results.
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Rahu & Ketu are two shadow planets in Astrology. They are not actually present in skies and they are a consequence of the relative motion of the Sun and the Moon. Rahu & Ketu are also known as Bad Sun & Bad Moon or North Node & South Node of the Moon.

Mythology describes that earlier there was a half demon & half deity known as Svarbhanu, who consumed the elixir of immortality. Lord Vishnu cut his throat with his Spinning Disk (Sudarshana Chakra) in order to stop the elixir getting into his body. But the elixir was already consumed & he remained as immortal. Svarbhanu being a half deity wanted to have a position among the deities and a palace to reside.

Astronomically, these are the points through which when Moon passes Solar & Lunar Eclipse happens. Solar & Lunar eclipse happens at an angle of 180 degrees. Therefore, these points are always 180 degrees apart in the astrological chart.

Rahu & Ketu signifies things which are hidden like underworld. They signify people working in mortuary, cemetery and crematorium. They also signify poverty, dirty & unhygienic places, cheap and secondhand articles.

Rahu is of airy nature & if not well placed will give windy problems. In Ayurveda, we call it Vata Dosha due to which a person can get problem in joints, headache (or migraine), constipation, dryness and weak physique. Rahu signifies worldly attachments, greed, illusions and trickiness. If not well placed gives stupidity, dissatisfaction and insult.

Ketu is of fiery nature & if not well placed can give such problems. In Ayurveda, we call it Pitta Dosha due to which a person can get problems in stomach, acidity, fever, anger and weak bones. Ketu signifies detachments, spirituality, occult and fearlessness. If not well placed gives harsh, angry & irritable nature.

Rahu & Ketu are called nodes of the Moon, without Moon, they cannot exist. Moon is always changing while Sun sheds its light which is uninterrupted. Attachment & detachments are only at the level of mind while the soul is always in bliss no matter what.

"Without Moon (feelings) there cannot be Rahu (worldly attachments) & Ketu (detachments) and the Sun (the self) will always Shine Bright (Experience Bliss)."

Rahu & Ketu are not real planets and they do not own any house, therefore, they do not signify any body part.

People usually say that Rahu is head & Ketu is headless therefore Ketu does not know what to do which is actually false. Ketu is going into depth & seeing what cannot be seen with five senses and fiery nature gives intelligence, therefore, Ketu if well placed can give the understanding of psychology and astrology.

Rahu if well placed gives a person cunning nature, ability to convince people & gain their confidence and windy nature gives them the ability to plan everything in their mind. Due to which Rahu can make a person mastermind. While Jupiter is having good management skills with which Jupiter can take you to progress and growth, Rahu is having great manipulative skills and reaping benefits for personal gains.

Rahu & Ketu have no friendship or enmity with other planets. They simply give results of planets present with them. They work for their own benefit but that’s all is just mythology. We can never get accurate results if we will try to figure out who is fighting with whom and who will win. Planets just move in skies & give results accordingly.

Assessing Results of Rahu & Ketu via Predictive Astrology

We have to assess what results they will give as a planet. To know what houses they are signifying in a chart we have to follow these three steps:

Step 1) Note the Houses Signified by the Lord of Zodiac Sign
Step 2) Note the Houses Signified by the Planet(s) Conjunct with them
Step 3) Note Houses Signified by the Planet(s) Aspecting them

All the houses obtained are the houses signified by Rahu & Ketu. Calculate the houses signified by Rahu & Ketu separately, do not mix them. They will act as two different planets & usually, gives completely different results.

You might have heard that Rahu & Ketu are shadowy planets due to which we do not know what results they will give. Let’s prove this statement via Nadi Astrology through this example.

Example 1: Taurus Ascendant, Rahu in 1st house, Mercury in 1st house, Venus in 11th house, Mars in 10th house, Saturn in 4th house and Jupiter in 9th house.

Lord of Zodiac Sign (Venus): 1 6 11
Planet Conjunct (Mercury): 1 2 5

Planets Aspecting
Jupiter: 8 9 11
Saturn: 4 9 10
Mars: 7 10 12

Houses Signified by Rahu: 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

If you have read my articles, all results are associated with the houses signified by the planets. But here Rahu is signifying 11 houses. How to calculate?

That is how the theory of being a shadow planet works because we do not know what results Rahu will give.

If you forgot Rules of Predictive Astrology, I would like to remind you we also need to know Star Lord & Sub Lord of Rahu.

Suppose, Rahu is in Taurus in Krittika(Star of Sun) and Sub Lord of Moon. Sun in 1st house and Moon in 11th house.

Sun: 1 4
Moon: 3 11

Total House Signification,
Rahu: 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
           1 4
           3 11

Results: Becoming Famous in Media. Apart from that break in love, bad relations in family and promotion in job is also possible.

If you do not know why I gave this result, refer to Career Astrology.

I hope you can see the light of knowledge I am putting on these shadow planets and you would be able to see their results through this light.

Example 2: Saturn and Rahu from above example & Suppose Saturn is in Star & Sub of Rahu.

Astrologers would say Saturn is Beneficial to Taurus Ascendant and being present in 10th house in own sign, Saturn will give great results in its time period.

Saturn: 4 6 10
Rahu: 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Rahu: 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Some serious ups and downs will be experienced in Saturn time period due to this. Now, Astrologers will say, “It’s because Mars (fourth house) and Saturn (tenth house) are in opposite houses due to which Saturn is in a fight and hence cannot give results.”

But now you know why Saturn will give ups (10 11) & downs (6 8 12) in life.

Note: We can still predict major events of life but for that, we also need to check Transits which will be done in later articles.

For now, I can say check the time period of other planets through which you are going through. We always take these three into consideration: Main, Sub and Sub-Sub Time Period. Follow these steps:

  • If you are going through Main Time period of such planet, check Sub and Sub-Sub Time Period.
  • If you are going through Sub Period of such planet simply check the Lord of Main Time Period. - Rule 4 of Rules of Predictive Astrology

Marriage with a Foreigner

Rahu: 2 3 7 9 11 12
If these combinations are observed (vertically or horizontally); Time periods of Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter are not in operation or they are not good for marriage. The person gets married to a foreigner.

Marriage with a Divorcee/ Outcast

Marriage in Rahu time period and other planets (whose time period is going on) do not support Marriage.

Note: Only try to predict events and not the nature of events. Predicting marriage is easier than to predict with whom you will get married. It requires practice. Sometimes when Rahu & Ketu gets aspects from many planets then it gets tricky to be accurate with such things. If you practice with events then slowly you will start understanding how planet’s natural significations play their part. Otherwise, your predictions may misguide other people.

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  1. Quoting from above:
    "Suppose, Rahu is in Taurus in Krittika(Star of Sun) and Sub Lord of Moon. Sun in 1st house and Moon in 11th house."

    How does one check for the star lord, sub lord and even sub sub lord for Rahu/Ketu?


  2. There is a table where you find these details based on degree of each planet in the horoscope. Here is the link to that table:

    Thank you for reading!

  3. Hello chetanji..

    My rahu has.

    1 3 4 9 11..planet
    1 3 4 9 11... nakshatra.
    2 3 12...sublord

    My plmain period of rahu will start next week april 2022.. since twice 11 will rahu be a good period ..I mean golden period as I read in your astricle that 11 12 with no other malefics of 6 and 8 is gain full?? Can you help to know ur view please...will appreciate ur feed back chetanji ..


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