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3 Signs Of Divorce & Separation From Spouse In Horoscope

Commitment, harmony and love are essential for a happy and successful marriage. When a couple is neither willing to make their relationship work nor they want to live with each other they go for divorce. The reason could be anything, everyday quarrels, not being happy with the relationship, extra marital affair or feeling that the decision of marriage was a mistake.

Your horoscope can tell many things about your married life:
How will be your married life?Any possibility for divorce or separation from spouse?Possible reason(s) for divorce or separation?
This article is focused on analyzing an individual's horoscope for signs of divorce and separation.

If you wish to know how will be your relationship/married life with your partner/spouse then you can refer to Most Accurate Method of Matching Horoscopes. The article will help you understand how horoscopes indicate a happy or troubled married life, and how you can find an ideal partner for yourself.

If you are a consistent reader/fo…

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Truth About Divisional Charts & Vedic Astrology

If Astrologers in India call themselves as Vedic Astrologers, it does not matter because someone ones said, “What’s in the name?” They write a lot of books, come on TV shows & these days YouTube is there new home. What actually matters is if what they tell you or what they predict actually helps you or not. Curious learners might have purchased books of every author & tried to learn and find out how to actually predict future (like I used to do it earlier). Usually what I know all of them (including me) ended up being more confused and irritated about astrology. Each and every single astrologer has his own theory & later their students make new theories.
There is no such thing called Vedic Astrology. In Hindi it is known as Jyotisha and in English we call it as Hindu Astrology or Indian Astrology. Jyotisha is a part of a Vedanga (Veda- knowledge & Anga- Part/Limbs). In earlier times there used to be six Vedanga, knowledge which was given to everyone & Jyotisha was used in order to find out auspicious time when something is to be done and to predict future by looking at the placement of planets in the sky.

The word Vedic means the one which is part of Vedas. There are four Vedas – Rig-Veda, Sama-Veda, Yajur-Veda & Atharva-Veda. Hindu Astrology or Jyotisha does not come from any of these four and hence, cannot be called as Vedic Astrology. The system which these people practice is called Parashari System or Parashari Astrology.

It was time when the word Vedas/Vedic became very popular in west and westerners became quite curious about this word & India. At that time astrologer K. N. Rao went to U.S.A. and started teaching Jyotisha with name Vedic Astrology. He not only taught astrology but written books in the name of Vedic Astrology. Later, he came back to India and said it was his mistake, there is no such thing called Vedic Astrology and it is actually Hindu Astrology. But today people teach Vedic Astrology, write books about it without even knowing this truth.

What is The Source of Hindu Astrology?
Hindu Astrology or Jyotisha is a part of Vedanga. Veda also means Shruti(“what is heard”). In earlier times when there were no paper & pens and usually the knowledge is used be transferred orally. The teacher used to say whatever knowledge he used to have & the children used to memorize it.

In India, there are several families who protect this knowledge and pass this to the next generation. The systems they follow are bit different from each other because all of them have different parts of the same knowledge. Those who study astrology may know about “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra”. The text in that book is one example & the book is good for beginners but its not complete & I told you why.

Does Hindu Astrology actually works?
Hindu Astrology is used to time auspicious events & it considers planetary placements in order to predict what events will occur in a person’s life. We don’t know where it came from & how authentic it is as written in books.

I follow & personally recommend Nadi Astrology if you actually want to learn how to predict future. We call it Nadi Astrology but who knows, it might be possible that this is the actual Hindu Astrology which has all the rules of predictions. In Hindi we call it Nadi Astrology & in English it’s “Predictive Hindu Astrology”.

Vedic Astrologers
If Astrologers in India call themselves as Vedic Astrologers, it does not matter because someone ones said, “What’s in the name?” They write a lot of books, come on TV shows & these days YouTube is there new home. What actually matters is if what they tell you or what they predict actually helps you or not.

Curious learners might have purchased books of every author & tried to learn and find out how to actually predict future (like I used to do it earlier). Usually what I know all of them (including me) ended up being more confused and irritated about astrology. Each and every single astrologer has his own theory & later their students make new theories.

Why is that? Because the system is not accurate, some astrologers observe something & others observe other things. In my personal experience of astrology, if you try to find out similarity in any two horoscopes you will find it & hence a new theory will come up which will surely not work at the third horoscope.

If you find an honest person who practices so called Vedic Astrology, they will tell you its quite confusing and if ten different people will work on a single horoscope, they will predict ten different things while eleventh will happen. This has happened with me while I was learning this system.

Divisional Charts
Divisional Charts says a simple thing. If you want to know about child birth (5th house matter), divide each zodiac sign into five parts and make a chart. For career (10th house matter), divide in ten parts.

I am not saying it does not work; the point is maybe people don’t know how to connect exact planetary positions in skies (main birth chart) and these divisional charts.

In our system, Nadi Astrology, we see main birth chart & exact degree of planets & Ascendant. Then we calculate & predict events of life. These days we have computers and it’s easy to calculate degree and how each planet effects the other. It might be possible that sages have tried to simply chart reading with these divisional charts but people now don’t know how to read it & therefore all of them have different theories & predictions goes wrong.

Take example of the most import divisional chart, D-9 (Navamsa). In this chart, we divide each zodiac sign into 9 parts. There are 12 zodiac signs which means a total of 108 parts (12*9). Number 108 is very important.

Diameter of Moon * 108 = Distance of Moon & Earth
Diameter of Sun * 108 = Distance of Sun & Earth

It might be possible that someone tried to related planetary distance and their effect on human consciousness (Sun & Moon represents consciousness & mind) but either it didn’t work or people forgot how to use it.

What You Should Do?
If you are really interested in learning real astrology which says what events will occur in life and when they will occur. Not about debilitation & exaltation or their cancellation.

Just read a few articles on this site. Here predictions are done based upon exact planetary placements in the sky & in the constellations where these planets are present. I am sure you might have met people who told you need to be very ascetic & leave all the worldly desires to know how to predict.

You just need to learn Predictive Astrology and understand its methods to predict future. Somebody taught me this system & I am giving it away to everyone of you who wish to become a good astrologer.


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7 Questions About Your Career Answered

Career astrology is about predicting what would be the status of a person in the world. It indicates how much a person can rise in his life irrespective of how much that person is educated. We always see examples where a person who is not much qualified makes millions.

Those are the people having a horoscope which does not support education but making money. Due to which these people become smart enough to make huge sums of money without having a very strong educational background.

Career astrology is different from predicting & timing events of life. Either an event will happen in life or not but that’s not the case with the career. If planets support the person will attain heights, if they don’t then the person will live an average life and if they are against then a person leads a miserable life.

While doing career astrology it’s important to know what is the role of each & every house and relative importance of every house regarding career.

Astrology Basics: Concept of Houses, Sub Lord & Cuspal Sub Lord

The ABC, Astrology Basic Concepts, continues. In previous article, you learned what planets, zodiac signs & constellations are. Now, it is time when you come down from skies and understand some of the basic concepts used in astrology to analyze an astrological chart.
Zodiac signs are important and they do have their own set of characteristics as mentioned in the previous article but what actually plays a major role in deciding the fate of a person is the houses a planet signifies.
Similarly, the constellation in which a planet is present is capable of changing the nature of events. The planet may not give its own result but starts giving results of the constellation if the constellation lord strongly opposes what the planet is signifying but the Sub Lord holds the final say.

Understanding Nirayana Bhava Chalit Chart & Its Importance in Prediction Making

On observing this sky from the Earth, we see billions of stars. A group of stars when forms a recognizable pattern, we call it a constellation. There could be uncountable number of constellations in the skies depending upon from where we see it. We see them from the Earth and the astronomers have discovered 88 constellations till now.

In astrology, we only use 27 constellations and they form the entire zodiac belt. There are 12 zodiac sign in this zodiac belt and each zodiac sign has a width of 30 degrees. Each zodiac sign is owned by a certain planet and a planet can be present either in its own zodiac sign or in some other zodiac sign.

The zodiac sign which a planet occupies depends upon the point of reference, the Earth. Earth is moving around the Sun along with other planets, therefore, the speeds of movement of other planets appear to be changing all the time. This happens due to the relative motion of Earth and the other planet. If we change our point of reference from Earth …

How Planets Indicate Depression And Suicide In A Horoscope?

Depression has become a common problem for hundreds of millions of people across the world, it negatively impacts how you feel and a person suffering from depression feels low and loses interest in work or performing any activity.

Depression is a serious problem as it not only affects your performance at work and mental health but it is also bad for your relationships and physical health.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, people are forced to stay at home and millions of people have already lost their jobs. Unemployment and financial problems are some of the major contributors to depression.

Depression is like a black hole, once you start falling into it you just keep going and coming back feels really difficult.

Let's say difficult relationships often spoil your mood, this affects your performance at work which then becomes a hurdle to achieve your goals, and this further affects your relationships in the future.

Some people are better in handling their own feelings and emot…

Combinations In The Horoscope That Make A Person Rich (Millionaire OR Billionaire)

This methodology of knowing if a person is meant to become rich is not a theory, it is actually practiced and applied on horoscopes to predict about a person's life and to figure out if a person is meant to become really successful and will become rich in his life.

In a horoscope, there are 12 houses and 9 planets (excluding Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Most astrologers see 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th and 11th house, and their lords to see if a person has the capability to become rich and successful.

Some also take the benefic aspects from Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon into account.The actual answer does not come through this way.

To accurately know if a person is meant to become rich and successful you need to see these three things:
The Person's IntelligenceBenevolence of The PlanetsSupport from The Time When these three things combine then a person actually becomes successful. I am sure that you find this very logical.

Rashi Chart or Bhava Chalit Chart for Prediction

In Predictive Hindu Astrology, there is a major role of Bhava Chalit chart. While Rashi chart remains same for almost 2 days, Bhava Chalit chart is changing every minute. It calculates in which cusp a planet and a zodiac sign is actually present.

The placement of planets in Rashi Chart & in the Ascendant Chart (Main Birth Chart) is same, it is just that the Ascendant chart is rotated till the Moon comes in the first house and we call it Rashi Chart. I personally recommend that you avoid seeing Rashi Chart as the Ascendant Chart gives the most accurate results.

Moon is very important and we do take Moon's placement into account by following the time period system that is just based upon Moon & stars. Now, we have to take the placement of other planets into account. The Ascendant chart indicates which planet was transiting in your 10th house (right above your head) or 7th house (western horizon) or any other house at the time when you were born.

The zodiac sign in the Asc…