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3 Most Important Houses For A Happy Marriage

Marriage is a union of two people who are willing to stay together as partners in a personal relationship with the consent of the society. This is how we look at marriage. Nadi astrology also looks at the marriage in the same way and only houses that indicates these things are required to predict marriage.

Generally, astrologers look for planets related to the seventh house to predict marriage. The seventh house is the prime house of marriage but the seventh house alone it cannot make the marriage happen. Due to which a possibility of an incorrect prediction arises.

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Astrology Basics: Accurately Assess a Birth Chart via Predictive Astrology

You have learnt what zodiac signs, constellations, planets, houses & sub lords are. You know the basics about them & now you wish to learn how to actually predict through a birth chart. Let’s understand how to see a birth chart and assess results of planets through Predictive Astrology.

Casting a horoscope requires these three things:
  1. Date of Birth
  2. Time of Birth
  3. Place of Birth

When you will enter these three details, you would be able to see a chart in which you will see:
  1. Zodiac Signs in each and every house
  2. Planets in Different houses & Signs
  3. Degrees of Each Planet

Now, when you know the meaning of every Sign, planetary significations, and constellations. I am taking an example chart & in this article, I will illustrate how to assess the chart in the simplest way possible. After learning which, you would be able to analyze other charts accurately.
You can use our horoscope service to generate your Nadi Astrology Birth Chart through which you can predict your future yourself, it is coming soon & the subscribers will be notified about it. I do not think that beginners or people looking for personal reading would like to buy a software that worth hundreds of dollars. The type of free reports you see at different websites are computer generated & the predictions they contain never really happens. So, for now you can use the temporary free horoscope service at our site but avoid the prediction part.

Main Birth Chart

Image by CISUN

This is Scorpio Ascendant with Saturn in the Ascendant (First House). From this chart you see the following things:
  1. Lordship of Houses
  2. Planetary Conjunctions
  3. Planetary Aspects or Influences

Saturn aspects: Ketu, Sun, Moon & Mercury

Only planets give results according to the houses they signify, therefore, it is not required to see house aspects (house aspects are followed in Jaimini astrology). While timing major events of life, assessing health and predicting about other aspects of life, I always mention in my articles when it is required to see the planetary aspects and effect of other planets on houses. In this article, we are covering how to assess results of each individual planet through birth chart.

Example: Saturn is in Ascendant & Mars is Lord of Ascendant. Therefore, to assess the health of this native, Saturn & Mars should be assessed accurately. If none of them indicates any problem, then the native is healthy. “Ignore what others say about Saturn being in the house of Mars.

Ascendant is the most important of all, it is the head of the native. Therefore, “Its effects are independent of what time period a person will go through.”

Ketu is placed in the third house, which is owned by Saturn. Therefore, third house is under combined significations of Ketu & Saturn. Forget their natural significations, if they signify good houses, the native will get good results regarding the third house.

Similarly, you can check for other houses. My suggestion is, simply check which planets are effecting the Ascendant (through lordship, placement & aspect) as ascendant is represents the head & health of a person. If planets signifying good houses are effecting the Ascendant then health & mind of a person is good & will keep the native on the right track. But planets effecting a certain house can bring certain characteristics.

Chalit Chart

Actual analysis of Planet starts from here. Through Main Birth Chart you came to know that you have to see lordship, conjunctions and aspects. Now, through Chalit Chart (or Bhava Chalit Chart) you have to see which planet is giving results of which house.
Image by CISUN

You see in this chart that, some Zodiac numbers are missing and you might feel lordship of Planets has also changed. But I would like to clear few things:
  1. Do not see Lordship of houses through this Chart
  2. Do not check aspects and Conjunctions through this Chart
  3. Only Check in which house a Planet is present & where its Zodiac Sign falls
  4. Only see the houses and ignore the zodiac numbers
Example: Moon’s sign Cancer is absent in this chart and Moon is present in the Tenth house, therefore Moon will only signify Tenth house.

Moon: 10

This does not mean that:
  • Moon has lost its lordship of Ninth house in this chart
  • Moon will have no effect on the Ninth house

Moon is signifying tenth house while being Lord of the Ninth house and its effect will always be present. Suppose, if Moon would be signifying 6 8 12 and not Ninth house while being the lord of the Ninth house will give problems to lower back. This is because Moon is lord of the Ninth house but because it is signifying bad houses, the bad effect will come to the Ninth house.

Hope this example cleared all your Confusions.

Example: Sun’s sign Leo is Present in the Ninth house while Sun is Present in Ninth house.

Sun: 9

But Sun is not actually lord of the Ninth house; Sun’s effect will come on the Tenth house and the Ninth house gives good health. Therefore, the native will have strong knees, because knee region comes under the Tenth house.

It’s simple. As soon as you have calculated significations from Chalit chart, go back to Main Chart. You no longer require Bhava Chalit.

Sun: 9 & Moon: 10

In main chart, Sun owns and is present in Tenth house; Moon own ninth house & present in Tenth house.

Therefore, Moon will affect both the houses while Sun will affect only Tenth house.
This is how you see how each planet affects every house.
But right now, you do not need to get into so much detail.

Then Where To Focus?

Simply, Calculate Significations of all the Nine Planets.

Sun: 9
Moon: 10
Mars: 1 5 6 9
Mercury: 8 9 10
Jupiter: 2 4 11
Venus: 7 8 11 12
Saturn: 1 3
Rahu: Mars+Venus+Moon (Refer to Results of Rahu & Ketu)
Ketu: Saturn+Jupiter+Mars+Venus (Refer to Results of Rahu & Ketu)

Now, you no longer require Chalit Chart. The job of Chalit Chart is done.

Degrees of Planets

You might be thinking, I always say accurate degrees are required, why degrees are required when we have calculated almost everything. Refer to Rules of Predictive Astrology, where I have shown how to assess total significations of each and every planet.
Image by CISUN

For your convenience, I am taking examples of Sun & Moon.
  1. Check the degrees of Sun – Degree of Sun is 6 degree 19 minutes in the sign of Leo. (i.e. 126 degrees 19 minutes in Zodiac Belt)
  2. Check the Star & Sub Lord of Sun- You will find a table when you will follow the mentioned link, where I have shown how to check the Star Lord & Sub Lord. You will see Sun is present in Star of Ketu & Sub Lord of Rahu.
  3. Write Combined Significations of Sun- Planet gives results of itself, Star Lord & Sub Lord; where Sub Lord is the most powerful & planet is the least powerful. Therefore, Results signified by the Sub Lord & Star Lord will be experienced more strongly than what the Planet is signifying.

Sun: 9
Ketu: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12
Rahu: 1 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

This is combined house significations of Sun only. Do not think that Rahu & Ketu will bring its qualities or significations of the Sun. The results experienced were purely given by the Sun only no matter who is Star & Sublord or who is aspecting the Sun.
Possible Results in Sun Time Period: Marriage, Child Birth, Ups & Downs in Career or Fluctuating Income. Health issues.
Results Experienced Irrespective of Time Period: Problem in the knee joint.

- This is how Lordship of Houses Works

In this case, Sun is signifying a lot of houses (because Star and Sub Lord are Rahu & Ketu).
We always check Main, Sub and Sub-Sub Time period. Sun here is capable of giving any result. Suppose, Sun’s Main Time Period is in operation then results of Sub Time Period lord will be experienced more strongly and vice versa.

If you want to know how to calculate results of each & every event follow the links mentioned below.

Similarly, calculate the results of Moon.

Moon: 10
Sun: 9
Sun: 9

Results in Moon Time Period: Good health & Stability in Income.

Results in Time Period of Different Planets

Suppose, Sun Main Time Period is in operation & Moon’s Sub Time Period (or vice versa), then Sun’s results will shift towards Moon because Sun is signifying almost everything but Moon is very limited. Therefore, health & career will be stable. Similarly, you calculate for other planets.

Note: Do not try to find out which planet is more powerful. Strength of a planet to trigger an event depends upon the combination it signifies. Suppose, Sun is having a partial combination while Mercury is having the complete combination for child birth (2, 5 & 11) then Mercury is more powerful than Sun with respect to child birth.

Now, when you finally understood how to assess a birth chart & combinations an individual planet is signifying, the next thing is that you understand how to check the strength of a planet to trigger an event & analyze time periods. Refer to these two links:

This article is especially for those who which to learn how to calculate the significations of each & every planet. If you find it confusing or do not wish to learn it then you can skip it. The upcoming service will contain all the planetary significations & you just need to follow the instructions to predict the results.

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    1. Thank you for the compliment. It takes a lot of time to write a perfect article, therefore, we appreciate that you called it excellent & mature.

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3 Most Important Houses For A Happy Marriage

Marriage is a union of two people who are willing to stay together as partners in a personal relationship with the consent of the society. This is how we look at marriage. Nadi astrology also looks at the marriage in the same way and only houses that indicates these things are required to predict marriage.

Generally, astrologers look for planets related to the seventh house to predict marriage. The seventh house is the prime house of marriage but the seventh house alone it cannot make the marriage happen. Due to which a possibility of an incorrect prediction arises.

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