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Astrological Combinations In Horoscope for Marrying A Rich Spouse

In the age of social media and Instagram, people are becoming more and more influenced by the lifestyles they see on social media. This gives a rise to aspirations to attain wealth and live a very comfortable if not a luxurious life. Not everyone is blessed with a good amount of wealth, born in an affluent family or have a high income. It is good to work hard towards your goals and achieve success over time but even though most people want to become wealthy, they just don't get it. We all have seen a prince marrying an ordinary woman in fairy tales.  In Korean drama, it is very common to see an extremely rich man marrying an ordinary woman or vice versa. Marrying a rich man/woman can be a shortcut for someone to escape poverty and attain the desired level of wealth and financial freedom. During my consultations, several people come up to me with these questions and through this article I want to guide you to find the best approach for your life based on your planetary placemen

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Results of Moon in Different Houses for Every Ascendant

Results of Moon in Different Houses for Every Ascendant, Finding out if results are correct and Interpretation - Cisun
Moon is a luminary and it reflects the light coming from the Sun. Moon nourishes plants through its light at night and affects the tidal waves of the ocean. Moon through its movement around the earth very strongly affects the rotation of the earth and the water bodies. Due to which the Moon becomes the most influential planet and it has a very important role in astrology. Calculation of time periods is based upon the placement of Moon in an astrological chart.

But still Moon is the second most important planet. Sun represents the soul & life and for a mind to exist there should life at first. Earth and other planets came into existence because the dust got collected around the Sun and it took the form of planets, then came the Moon which helped in stabilizing the Earth's rotation. Similarly, Sun decides your body & brain structure and soul then comes the Moon which decides how you are going to use that body and mind.

Therefore, the time periods are calculated from the Moon and not from the Sun because the Sun already did its job when you were taking this human form, getting genes from your parents and your brain was getting developed. Sun & Moon both are the significators of mind as we believe, because your mind is based upon your own experiences plus the brain structure you got when you were born. Others do say that Sun is soul, Moon is mind and Mercury is intellect but that is only to confuse people, you have just one head and you can never differentiate which part of mind is ruled by Moon or not. I will tell you my own experience with the Moon in the end.

In Nadi Astrology, we never give any important to the placement of any planet in any house. Every time we wish to find out the events a planet can trigger in the native's life we apply the Rules of Nadi Astrology on that planet. This article contains the theories written in books that most astrologers follow now just because famous astrologers of earlier times wrote that book. I will share my own experience and it is up to you if you wish to follow those theories. Again, I would want to tell you that this is not Nadi Astrology, there are no hard and fast rules in Nadi Astrology and proper analysis is done before drawing any conclusion due to which I always say Nadi Astrology is accurate.
  1. Moon in the First House: The native will be fanciful, romantic, moderate eater, of attractive appearance, inclined towards corpulence, windy temperament, will travel a lot, disease in ears, capricious, licentious, sociable, easy going, educated, loved by the spouse, shy, modest, stubborn, proud, fickle minded and eccentric.
  2. Moon in the Second House: Wealthy, handsome, attractive, generous, highly intelligent, breaks in education, charming, poetical, respectable, sweet speech, persuasive, squint eyes and much admired.
  3. Moon in the Third House: Sickly, dyspeptic, mild, lean body, disappointments in life, impious, many brothers, cruel education, famous, will have sisters, intelligent, unscrupulous, purposeless, miserly, fond of travelling and active minded.
  4. Moon in the Fourth House: Comforts of home, fine taste, will wear fine perfumes and dresses, polite, affable, highly educated, happy nature, licentious, will get help from others, wealthy, successful, will have a good mother, popular, death to mother if Moon is with malefic planets.
  5. Moon in the Fifth House: Subtle, beautiful wife, shrewd, showy, will have many daughters, intelligent, gains through quadrupeds, interrupted education, high political office.
  6. Moon in the Sixth House: Submissive to the opposite gender, indolent, imperious, short tempered, intelligent, lazy, slender body, poor, drunkard, refined, tender, pilfering habits, stomach problems, many foes, worry through cousins.
  7. Moon in the Seventh House: Passionate, fond of women, beautiful wife, mother will be short lived, narrow-minded, good family, pains in the joints, social, successful, jealous and energetic.
  8. Moon in the Eighth House: Unhealthy, legacy, capricious, mother short lived, few children, bilious, slender, bad sight, kidney disease, unsteady, easy acquisitions. 
  9. Moon in the Ninth House: Popular, educated, intelligent, well read, lover of fictions, builder of charitable institutions, wealthy, active, inclined to travel, godly nature, good children, will acquire immoveable property, religious, mystical, righteous, agricultural success, devotional, successful and good reputation.
  10. Moon in the Tenth House: Native will be persuasive, passionate, charitable, shrewd, adulterous, bold, tactful, great position, active, trustee of many religious institutions, obliging to good people, will have many friends, will become successful easily, popular, wealthy, comfortable and long life.

  11. Moon in the Eleventh House: Person will have many children, powerful, philanthropic, polite, literary and artistic taste, helpful, influential, cultured, charitable, will have many friends, will achieve great position, reputation, good lands, will become successful, liked and helped by others, giver of donations and man of principles.
  12. Moon in the Twelfth House: Obstructed, deformed body, narrow minded, cruel, unhappy, powerless, deceived, solitary, miserable.

My Own Interpretation & Experience

When I was only a student of astrology, I applied these concepts on a number of charts and honestly I found that these concepts are really working and it actually gave me a very great feeling that I can exactly tell which planet is giving what types of results. If you know a person very well and if you have the chart of that person then you can see that all the theories are actually applying.

But, the problem starts when you try to apply these concepts in order to predict about someone you do not know. There are very bright chances that you will end up doing wrong predictions almost 90% of the time. Suppose, you have debilitated Moon in the fourth house or a person having debilitated Moon in the eighth house then some Astrologers will say that debilitated Moon is killing the negativity of the eighth house while others will say that the negativity of house is enhanced. If you are having bad experiences with exalted Moon in the first house even then the astrologer will come up an explanation by looking into the Navamsa, Dasamsa or Shashtiamsa chart. Every system has well defined guidelines, procedures and methods but in astrology they apply them when they want it and this made me write these posts:
This is what I feel why they wrote certain theories for a particular placement of the Moon in the birth chart:
  1. First house is your head and whole body, when the Moon will enter into this house it will impart its own qualities to the native. Moon moves fast in the sky, it has a beautiful appearance, it is always changing, represents female qualities like beauty, love, shyness and tenderness. Apart from that, Astrologers do say that Moon in the first house makes a person very fair & beautiful look which I found incorrect. I have seen people with Exalted Moon in the first house having dark complexion. The simple explanation of this is your own genes. Therefore, we never predict person's appearance through birth chart as we do not believe in giving wrong answers.
  2. Second house is your face and when the Moon having tender and cool nature will enter into this house will make a person give that bright & beautiful appearance and second house also rules over the vocals and Moon will give a sweet voice.

  3. Moon is the significator of fourth house and third house is twelfth from this house and therefore Moon will give negative results in this houses. Also, this represents the original house of Gemini which is a difficult zodiac sign for Moon. But I have not found people with Moon in the third house with cruel nature. Also, it is difficult to understand why a beneficial planet like Moon will make a person cruel through its placement in this house.
  4. Fourth house represents the home and the Moon gets directional strength in the fourth house due to which the Moon would be able to give good results in this house. Moon and fourth house, both represents the mother and the presence of Moon in this house will again bring good results to the Mother. 
  5. Fifth house is for having a love marriage and the presence of Moon in this house may increase the possibility of having a beautiful wife. Fifth house also represents the children and since Moon represents the female nature, it will bring girl child to the native. This house also represents fame & power and Moon represents the government therefore one can have a high political office with this placement. But this is what those authors said and in our system we do not follow this thing.
  6. Sixth house is for diseases, miscommunication, enemies, cousins, difficulties and debts. While Sun burns away all your enemies in this house, the Moon will give troubles to your mind through these things.
  7. Seventh house represents other people, opposite gender and spouse. Moon will shed its light in this house and will make a person social and will bring a good partner to the native. Seventh house is the house of competing with open enemies due to which it can give a jealous and energetic nature in order to oppose other people.
  8. Moon is your mind and represents your mother as well. Its presence in the eighth house will affect both of these things due to which you will become unhealthy and short lived. I have seen a chart having Moon in this house and the person was very unhealthy but the mother was not short lived. Another case was a person having debilitated Moon in the eighth house and the health was not bad at all.
  9. Ninth house represents religion, divinity, dutifulness, righteousness and higher knowledge. Moon in this house will make a person of a very pious nature, intelligent and will give very high moral values. Ninth house also represents charitable institutions and will make a person establish such institutions. Moon moves fastest in the skies and ninth house represents travel therefore Moon in this house will make a person travel a lot.

  10. Tenth house is for status, being work oriented and earning the status. Therefore, the Moon will make a person successful, popular and wealthy. But it is difficult to understand how it will bring more friends as the Moon is present in the house twelfth from the eleventh house (house of friends). You will never know when a concept will contradict these theories and when it wont. Therefore, we never rely on these theories and prediction tends to go wrong with these theories. A person will have a number of friends even if the lord of 11th house is placed in twelfth or tenth house but it should signify the eleventh house in the Bhava Chalit Chart.
  11. Eleventh house is for the fulfillment of desires and it can fulfil desires like having children, achieving great status in career, making money, profits in business, influence, acquiring land and bring spiritual growth.
  12. Twelfth house represents solitude, losses, troubles to the health, misery and sorrows. When Moon will go into this house then mind will be troubled through these matters and the native will suffer.

When you will go to a so called learned astrologer and you will ask what results a particular placement of Sun will give to you, the chances are high that the astrologer will follow these theories. I know this because when I did not know astrology and I went to other astrologers for consultation they did it the same way and I found out this later. When the predictions will go wrong they will tell you that they also need to analyze the placement of other planets. So, if they have to analyze other planets as well then why they follow these theories?

Being a mathematician the most simplified answer I can give is that, "The birth chart of a person is like a long mathematical equation and the nine planets are like the nine variables that gives different results with respect to time".

The sages of earlier times very truly scientist and somehow they found a way to relate lives of people with the movement of planets in the sky while the modern scientists can only imagine how each particle in the universe affects the other particles.

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