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Astrological Combinations In Horoscope for Marrying A Rich Spouse

In the age of social media and Instagram, people are becoming more and more influenced by the lifestyles they see on social media. This gives a rise to aspirations to attain wealth and live a very comfortable if not a luxurious life. Not everyone is blessed with a good amount of wealth, born in an affluent family or have a high income. It is good to work hard towards your goals and achieve success over time but even though most people want to become wealthy, they just don't get it. We all have seen a prince marrying an ordinary woman in fairy tales.  In Korean drama, it is very common to see an extremely rich man marrying an ordinary woman or vice versa. Marrying a rich man/woman can be a shortcut for someone to escape poverty and attain the desired level of wealth and financial freedom. During my consultations, several people come up to me with these questions and through this article I want to guide you to find the best approach for your life based on your planetary placemen

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How To Know if One Will Face Problems in Relationship & Married Life?

if you have the majority of planets signifying the marriage negating houses (1 6 10) and not marriage supporting houses (2 7 11) then you can expect problems in the married life.

People dream that after getting married they will live a very beautiful life and share a romantic relationship with their partner. They imagine a perfect relationship and believe that things will never go wrong with them. But life is actually not a fairytale and mostly, people end up with a feeling of dissatisfaction from their partner.

It depends on how they take the small mistakes their partner does or their bad habits.

Sometimes we assume some habits as a problem even if it is not a problem, the best example of this would be, "putting the wet towel on the bed after taking a shower".

You may not find someone who could be exactly the way you want and the fact is you cannot become exactly what your partner wants.

When Do Problems Start in a Relationship?

Each and every problem starts from your mind. The mind starts feeling a sense of discomfort when things do not go the way we want them to be.

In such case, you can either start thinking about how you imagined your married life and life partner would be or, you can work on building a perfect relationship.

I have seen people treating their spouse badly just because they cannot accept the way their spouse is. Then they start behaving harshly with their partner and expect from them to become what they are not.

In the end, the relationship is ruined and nobody gets nothing but dissatisfaction.

A relationship gets spoiled when you start seeing flaws in your partner instead of figuring out how to become each other's strength.

If your behavior is this way then it is in your nature. No matter with whom you are, you will feel a sense of dissatisfaction from your partner and would possibly look for someone else.

Planetary Placements

Planetary placements in your birth chart never change. If the birth chart shows problems in married life then it does not matter whether the native will do an arranged marriage or a love marriage.

For a better understanding of combination of houses related to marriage, refer to:
  1. Rules of Bhrigu Nadi Astrology
  2. Time of Marriage and Married Life

These three things are actually the cause of problems in any marriage. One partner may justify that there was lack of communication or money which led to these things but if these combinations are present then your married life will suffer, "no matter how much money you have and caring you are".

Lack of Interest in Marriage

Some people are not really interested in marriage. They have aspirations to become and achieve something which never let them feel and enjoy small things in life.

Or, they give more preference to what they wish for instead of what their partner wants.

Lack of Interest in Marriage: 1 6 10

This combination can result in divorce if their spouse also has this combination in the majority of planets. The absence of marriage supporting houses (2 7 11) also gives lack of interest in marriage.

The first house is the self while the second house is the family. If the planet also signifies the eleventh house along with the first house then the native focuses on his ambitions and desires, not on what his family wants.

Depressive Nature

A person with depressive nature takes every small issue to the heart. It is not their fault - we all are just like machines coded to behave in certain ways.

But if someone gets too angry or starts feeling sad over very small things then we do get a repulsive feeling from that person.

Depression: 1 2 6 8

This combination also has marriage negating houses (1 6 10) and sixth house along with eighth house (or twelfth house) gives miscommunication, arguments, and insult.

This is a big issue.

Mostly relationships (and marriages) end because of miscommunication - as it can lead to arguments which can further lead to an unhappy relationship and if you are not happy with your partner, then you might feel you should move on.

But moving on is not a solution for you if planets in your chart signify this combination.

You can run away from a problematic relationship but you cannot run away from your ill-placed planets.

This is why some people always run into the wrong type of people or experience problems with anybody they come in a relationship with.

This does not mean that you are meant to suffer. Relax and surrender yourself to the will of almighty. Do some meditation, and let go of your desires and whatever you imagined about having that perfect relationship.

Either your partner is the cause of that problematic relationship you are having or it's you but you just cannot see that.

Surrendering will help you become unbiased and you would be able to see what is actually going on, and if you are actually the cause of problems then you can correct it and save your relationship.

It takes time and some practice but trust me it is worth doing if you wish to have a happy relationship.

Extra-Marital Affair

Based on the readings I have done so far, I can say that the possibility of having an extramarital affair is higher in case of love marriages or if someone had many relationships before getting married.

The reason is that there are only nine planets and you will go through their time periods again and again. If some planet is simultaneously bad for marriage and good for having an affair then the extramarital affair will happen.

I have done consultation with those who got married to the one they loved for years and after a few years of marriage they fell for someone else.

Life is not a fairytale, you can imagine at a moment that you are deeply in love with someone and wish to spend your entire life with that person but you have no idea when your mind will change and you will start imagining that same fairytale about someone else.

The combination of houses for physical love is 5 8 12 and this combination can also give an extramarital affair if the planets does not signify marriage supporting houses (2 7 11) or houses which gives high moral values (5 9 11).

Physical Love Lack of Interest in Marriage Extra-Marital Affair
5 8 12 1 6 10 1 5 6 8 10 12

The combination of depression is 1 2 6 8 and since the partial combination is present, it means that the person is not satisfied with the spouse and the involvement of 6th house means the love affair will end soon.

This simply means that the person with whom you are happily cheating on your partner is not really serious about you.

Maybe this is how karma works.

An extramarital affair can also happen if the 6th house is absent and in that case, the person will willingly cheat but not because of depression or dissatisfaction from the spouse.

You must be thinking why I wrote the combination for "physical love" and why not for platonic love.

Platonic love is more about feelings and you do not need an extramarital affair or get intimate to express that you care for someone.

Mostly, the relationship between a guy and a girl is physical and if it is not physical but platonic love then it will last forever no matter how many problems cross their way.

But these days it mostly starts with physical attraction and ends when the partners feel some discomfort or get attracted to someone else.

Role of Planets

Every astrologer write about planets and houses while I write just a few numbers (combination of houses). But that does not mean that planets do not hold importance.

"Houses signified by the Planets are Primary while Planets themselves are Secondary".

Planetary significations will help you figure out something when you already know that the majority of planets signify lack of interest in marriage, depression or an extramarital affair.

Here is how you can take the planets into consideration:
  1. Rahu and Ketu gives suicidal tendencies when they signify depression.
  2. Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu leads to divorce when they signify all the marriage negating houses.
  3. Mercury gives an extramarital affair with a younger person.
  4. Mars gives killing tendencies when signifies depression as well as aggression.
  5. Jupiter and Mercury gives extramarital affair with more than one person.


Case I: Depression and Lack of Interest in Marriage

The orange color is signified by the Sun and red by Mars due to which the houses signified by them are colored accordingly.

Mars rules the sign of Aries and Scorpio, and is occupying the sign of Sagittarius here. Sun rules the sign of Leo and occupying the Gemini.

Mars:  1 2 6
Sun: 8 10

Scorpio here is the first house (Ascendant) and therefore Mars will indicate the basic nature of the person.

Let's say, Mars is at 26°50' in the constellation of Uttara Ashadha (ruled by the Sun) and in the Sub of Sun.

So, Mars will give the results of Sun even more strongly. -Rules of Nadi Astrology

Mars: 1 2 6
Constellation: 8 10
Sub: 8 10

This means that this person is not interested in marriage (1 6 10) and has a depressive nature (1 2 6 8), due to which this person is going to have a troubled married life and may also create problems for other people.

Case II: Extra-Marital Affair

Green is for Mercury and gray for Saturn.

Mercury rules the sign of Gemini and Virgo, and is occupying the sign of Scorpio here. Saturn rules the sign of Aquarius and occupying its own sign Capricorn, and Moon is in its own sign of Cancer.

Mercury:  3 5 12
Saturn: 7 8
Moon: 1

Cancer here is the first house (Ascendant) and therefore, the Moon will indicate the basic nature of the person.

Let's say, Moon is at 29° in the constellation of Ashlesha (ruled by the Mercury) and in the Sub of Saturn and Mercury is at 4°.

So, Moon will give the results of Mercury and Saturn as well. -Rules of Nadi Astrology

Moon: 1
Constellation: 3 5 12
Sub: 7 8

Seventh house is good for marriage while the first house is not. But a planet gives results of its constellation and Sub lord strongly and therefore this Moon is positive for marriage.

Due to the complete combination of 5 8 12 this person has a tendency to go for an extra-marital affair.

This means that this person will get emotionally attached to someone else while still willing to have a romantic relationship with the spouse.

To figure out the whole situation, we need to see every combination signified by the planet while taking the planet's nature into account.

Moon makes a person emotional and someone can easily connect with them emotionally and make the extramarital affair happen.

In this case, Mercury also signifies the combination of 5 8 12 and this person will come into a relationship with a number of people when Mercury time period will operate.

The spouse will find this out but the marriage may not break - as the combination indicates.


In short, if you have the majority of planets signifying the marriage negating houses (1 6 10) and not marriage supporting houses (2 7 11) then you can expect problems in the married life.

If the planets signifying these houses also signify eighth and/or twelfth house then things will get more problematic.

On the other hand, a planet signifying marriage supporting houses along with eighth and twelfth house sparks romance in the relationship.

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