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3 Most Important Houses For A Happy Marriage

Marriage is a union of two people who are willing to stay together as partners in a personal relationship with the consent of the society. This is how we look at marriage. Nadi astrology also looks at the marriage in the same way and only houses that indicates these things are required to predict marriage.

Generally, astrologers look for planets related to the seventh house to predict marriage. The seventh house is the prime house of marriage but the seventh house alone it cannot make the marriage happen. Due to which a possibility of an incorrect prediction arises.

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Why Stellar Astrology is the Most Correct & Accurate System of Astrology?

Stellar Astrology (Nadi Astrology) is a predictive system of astrology which gives importance to houses, constellation & sub lord signified by a planet depending upon its degree in the astrological chart. In this system, a planet gives results not on the basis of its natural significations or the houses it owns but on the combination of houses signified by the planet, its constellation lord & the sub lord. A single house is not capable of giving any result & it is very difficult to assess results of a planet without looking at its constellation lord & sub lord.
Stellar Astrology (Nadi Astrology) is a predictive system of astrology which gives importance to houses, constellation & sub lord signified by a planet depending upon its degree in the astrological chart. In this system, a planet gives results not on the basis of its natural significations or the houses it owns but on the combination of houses signified by the planet, its constellation lord & the sub lord.

A single house is not capable of giving any result & it is very difficult to assess results of a planet without looking at its constellation lord & sub lord. For eg: Second house signifies a number of things but we cannot pinpoint anything unless we see the other houses that the planet is signified through itself, star lord or sub lord. If the planet is also signifying the eleventh house, then either it can mean "Gain/Addition of a member in the family" or "Gain of money & assets" - those who follow astrology knows the second house is for money & eleventh house is for the fulfillment of desires. If the planet is signifying seventh house along with the second & the eleventh house, then we can say this planet is pointing towards marriage which is "Addition of Spouse in the Family".
Vedic Astrology (also known as Parashari System of Astrology) takes house placements & lordships into consideration to calculate the results a planet can give. Apart from that, Vedic Astrologers take planetary aspects & conjunctions into consideration to see how one planet is affecting the results of another planet. These things are the most important and almost every Vedic Astrologer knows this, but some tries to go even deeper & they also consider the following things:
Some astrologers have started taking the constellation into account. Sometimes, it does get confusing even if you are just reading the D-1 Chart (Lagna Chart) & analyzing the multiple divisional charts gets even more tricky & complicated. It is easy to analyze a planet in Lagna chart because a planet can signify maximum 3 houses through lordship & placement. But, when you start taking the other things like shadbala, avashthas, combustion & etc of one single planet and try to analyze its effect on another planet via conjunction & aspect, then it gets way too difficult to understand what is going on.

In Stellar Astrology, the calculation part is bit long but once you have calculated everything then things get really simple. You need to calculate the cusps signified by each planet & the constellation lord & sub lord of each planet. After you have written all the signification you just need to see the combination of houses signified by each planet. For eg: You want to see marriage, then you need to note down which planets are signifying more number of houses which supports marriage (2,7,11) and less number of houses which denies marriage (1,6,10) then you see when the time period of the planets supporting marriage will come & marriage will happen at that time. These days, you do not even need to calculate anything, you just need a software which will calculate all the cusps & planetary significations and you just need to learn how to see combinations. Anyone who has such software can read my tutorial & start predicting major events of life.

Let us understand a case where the two systems can give the same results even though the methodology used is completely different. Take the example of Conjunction of Venus & Rahu in the sign of Aquarius for Virgo Ascendant. Venus & Rahu, both are present in the constellation of Rahu only.
Venus: 2, 6, 9.
Rahu: Saturn (lord of Aquarius) + Venus (Conjunction) + 6th house (Placement)
Rahu gives results of its sign lord, planets aspecting & conjunct with it & the house where it is placed. Assuming no planet is aspecting Rahu and Saturn is placed in the eleventh house.
Rahu: 2, 5, 6, 9, 11

In Venus Dasha, native will gain a lot of money & promotion will happen. Vedic Astrologer will say, it is because the lord of Venus, Saturn, is placed in 11th house which brings gains & fulfills desires. A Nadi astrologer will say it is because the planet is signifying 2,6,11 through itself & its star lord. The methodology is different but the results are same here. Also, we can see that, first Venus affected Rahu's house significations through its conjunction with Rahu & then Rahu affected the results of Venus because Venus is present in the constellation of Rahu. Vedic Astrologers tries to calculate the effect planet can bring on each other but it gets easy in Stellar Astrology because the calculation is already done & we just need to see the combinations only. Once the calculation is done, it is not much required to see the birth chart again. If you have read my articles, then you do know that I have told you not to look at conjunction & aspects, it is required in some cases & I write when you should see it.
Now, let's go deeper by taking the sub lord into consideration. Suppose, they are conjunct within a degree. Rahu in Sub lord of Moon & Venus in Sub lord of Sun and both the Sun & the Moon are in own sign.
Sun: 12
Moon: 11

Planet: Planet; Star Lord; Sub Lord
Venus: 2,6,9; 2, 5, 6, 9, 11; 12
Rahu: 2, 5, 6, 9, 11; 2, 5, 6, 9, 11; 11

Vedic Astrologer will say both Venus & Rahu are tightly conjunct within a degree in the Star of Rahu, therefore, similar results will be experienced & it could be either good or bad - there are a number of concepts which contradict each other and they use them whenever it is required to justify themselves. But, a Stellar Astrologer will say that Rahu will give great results regarding health, financial happiness & growth and Venus Dasha will be troublesome.

Vedic Astrologers also give a lot of importance to the house in which lord of another house goes. For eg: Lord of 7th house in 12th house, marriage with a foreigner or at some foreign place; In 1st house or Aries, meeting with spouse at the Gym and things like that. But I have explained you the exact combination in the article, Results of Rahu & Ketu, to check if one will get married to a foreigner or not. Even if we will say, that only lord of 7th house is important, even then we cannot say anything by just seeing its placement in the 12th house because a planet must be signifying 10 to 12 other houses through its star & sub lord.

It is not that 7th house is not important for marriage, it is important but for every event, we should see things accordingly. For eg: To see if a couple is going to give birth to Twins or to a single child, we need to see the fifth house but not when we just want to see the good time period for conceiving the child & child birth. Suppose, you have the 5th house lord in 12th house then what does it mean? You will go to foreign land, then you will give birth to a child & then you will die. 12th house signifies foreign lands and death as well. So, it is not possible to see just by seeing the placement of lord. For every event, we need to see
  1. The significator houses
  2. Planets signifying those houses
  3. Dasha in operation
Suppose, a person is meant to die in an accident on the day of marriage, then along with the time periods when that person can get married we also need to see if the chart is showing the possibility of some severe accident. 7th lord in 12th house has no role in this case. Since the person is getting married & dying at the same day, therefore, planets signifying marriage are also signifying the accident. But here again, the method of checking the death via accident is different from timing the marriage
Sometimes, astrologers get confused that why a person got married or had a child birth in a planet's Dasha who is not signifying through its placement, lordship or star lord. Then they look into navamsa chart (for marriage) or saptamsa chart (for childbirth) & try to find out some correlation. Obviously, there are 7 planets which owns the 12th house, you can find some correlation if you will take different divisional charts having different signs in the respective ascendants. But Stellar Astrologers also see the Sub lord. Jupiter is for Childbirth & Venus for Marriage. In the above case, Venus is signifying 2, 6 & 9 due to which childbirth is doubtful but Venus can give marriage being the natural significator.

Planet: 1, 2, 3
Star Lord: 1, 6, 11
Sub Lord: 2, 5, 9

The above planet can give childbirth even if other planets are neutral or slightly negative for childbirth because Sub Lord is signifying 5th house and 2nd & 11th houses are supporting is as well.


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