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Medical Astrology - How Planets In Your Horoscope Indicate Health Problems & Recovery?

Astrology helps in predicting events related to various aspects of one's life. The various aspects of a human life are health, family, education, work, marriage, children, fulfilment of desires and spiritual growth. Among all these aspects, health is the most important aspect of one's life. Without having a good physical and mental health, it is very difficult to achieve success in the other aspects of life. Astrology can help in determining these health issues, what can be done to avoid the health problems and when the recovery will happen based on the planetary placements in one's horoscope. Nadi Astrology has a clear methodology to determine the nature of the health problems that are very likely to occur in one's life. Houses & Body Parts Ascendant/First House Ascendant represents your entire physical body and among the body parts it represents your head and brain.  Second House Second house represents the face, eyes, teeth, tongue and mouth. Third House Third

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Way To Please Rahu And Ketu When They Are Not Well Placed in Your Horoscope

Earth revolves around the Sun and when we observe from Earth, we see the Sun moving and following a path over the year. The two dimensional plane of this apparent path of Sun is known as ecliptic. The Moon revolves around Earth, the Moon also has its own two dimensional plane in which revolves around the Earth.

These planes intersects at 2 points that are 180 degrees apart and called lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu denotes the points where the path of the Sun intersects the path of the Moon. Rahu is the North Node and Ketu is the South Node of the Moon.

They are also known as shadow planets and main significators of chaos and confusion. When they are well placed in a horoscope they give tremendous success, and give unlimited suffering and unbearable plain when they are ill placed.

For many astrologers, predicting their effects and influence in the native's life is a tough task. I have written an article that will help you understand and correctly assess the influence of these planets in various horoscopes: How To Correctly Assess Results Of Rahu & Ketu?

Remedies for these planets are only required when they are ill placed in a horoscope otherwise there is no use. These are the most prescribed remedies to be followed when Rahu and Ketu are not well placed in a horoscope.


Ketu is a planet of fiery nature. Ketu tends to take people away from materialistic pleasures and helps them becoming enlightened and more aware of their inner self when it is strong and well placed. Ketu can give you endless suffering and tremendous pain in life.

Here are the remedies for Ketu:
  1. Wearing a golden necklace.
  2. Drinking saffron milk.
  3. Worship Lord Ganesha.
  4. Donate sugar or jaggery.
  5. Keeping honey in a silver vessel at home
  6. Wearing silver rings in the thumb of feets
  7. Drop jaggery in the floating water
  8. Being nice to your grandparents
  9. Doing meditation
  10. Giving shelter to street dogs and feeding them.


Rahu is a planet of windy nature. Rahu gives an enormous amount of success and materialistic wealth when it is strong and well placed in the horoscope. Rahu makes a person stupid and creates chaos in life when it is not well placed in the horoscope.

Here are the remedies for Rahu:
  1. Wear a silver ring or necklace
  2. Natives with malefic Rahu in the horoscope should also offer something made of copper as a present to their lover.
  3. Storing water in the south-west corner of your home is also one of the effectual remedies for Rahu.
  4. You should try to wear dark blue colored clothes as much as possible.
  5. If marital life gets affected due to Rahu’s presence, native should keep 5 radishes on the bedside of spouse and throw it in flowing water body in the morning for 5 Saturdays.
  6. You can also keep a peacock feather with you to mitigate the effect.
  7. Drop almond in the flowing water
  8. You should also try to avoid taking anything for free.
  9. Feeding birds is another effectual way to mitigate Rahu’s ill effects.
  10. Keeping and feeding dogs on a regular basis also help.

Feeding the dogs on a regular basis or every day in the morning is the most commonly followed remedy for Rahu and Ketu.

One can please Rahu and Ketu through these remedies when they are not well placed and reduce their negativity.

Planets, as described in the mythology, were highly intelligent deities (or demons) which were given the status of a planet based on their characteristics and nature. When you do something your intention behind your action matters. A planet carries some energy which effects you and triggers good and bad events in your life.

You need to make sure that food and your efforts are not being wasted while performing a remedy.

If you are feedings dogs or dropping grains in the water that fish can eat then that will work as a remedy and will benefit you. If there are no fishes/living being in the water who can feed on that grain, it is just a waste of food and you should not do any remedy which wastes scarce resources like food, water, etc. because a lot many human beings are deprived of these things.

Therefore, you should choose wisely the kind of remedy you wish to perform to please any planet.

What is the best remedy to please all the planets?

We seek help from astrology when we face problems in our life that are hard to solve or we find it difficult to deal with them and want to know what things will get better.

Based on the consultation requests I mostly get I am listing out some problems:
  1. Not able to find a suitable person to marry
  2. Lack of trust in the relationship or conflicts
  3. Not able to find a good job
  4. Problems at the workplace or no growth in career
  5. Unemployment

Some problems most people face: water and food scarcity, climate problems, pollution of air and water.

The root cause of most problems is greed, corruption, lack of knowledge and understanding and at least on of these things exist in everyone.
  1. Dumping the waste in rivers without treating it just to save some cost
  2. Female feticides in the hopes of having a male child
  3. Not upgrading the education system and promoting entrepreneurship and risk-taking spirit causing an increase in job seekers and decrease in job givers
  4. Lack of faith and honesty among people
  5. Inability to understand the feelings of the other person

I am indicating how things are interconnected here and doing some remedy will not magically change the world around you, wherever you go you will find problematic people and situations.

I believe that the person remedy for all the 9 planets is doing the right thing.

Feed the animals, save water and food, avoid doing something that hurts the environment, be humble, polite and respectful to others and understand the power of your words and use it for good.

When people will make some effort together than the overall situation of the society will get better and the problems will get solved.

2 Most Powerful Astrological Remedies For Planets:
  1. Gemstones
  2. Mantra Chanting

These 2 remedies work in most cases and sometimes some kind of pooja is also prescribed as a remedy. Gemstone and mantra depends on the planet for which remedy is done.

Do not start doing any remedy just to please a planet but because it is necessary based on your horoscope. Get a proper consultation from an astrologer and then perform remedies.

The best remedy is to do good deeds and believe in yourself, your good karmas will come back to you and will make your life better. One instant effect of doing good to someone is you feel positive & happy from inside.

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